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Letters to the editor October 26- November 1

Posted 10/24/23

Stay the course

With the upcoming elections a little over three weeks away, I am writing to urge voters considering the candidates for Pike County Commissioner to continue to support and reelect …

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VOTE. Your voice. Your choice.

Letters to the editor October 26- November 1


Stay the course

With the upcoming elections a little over three weeks away, I am writing to urge voters considering the candidates for Pike County Commissioner to continue to support and reelect Matt Osterberg and Ron Schmalzle. 

Consider all the turmoil swirling around us in the Middle East and among our leaders in Washington, who it would seem have forgotten the importance of stability to the collective well-being of their constituents and meaningful progress for the people they are elected to represent. 

Thankfully, that is not the case in Pike County—where these two current commissioners continue to provide focused, dedicated leadership on issues that matter to the people of the county, despite the distractions at all levels that could easily prevent success for our county. 

Matt and Ron continue to lead the fight for improved delivery of fire and emergency medical services in the county, as well as working diligently to bring enhanced levels of health care services to the county. 

Their efforts in these areas have garnered statewide recognition as models for outside-the-box thinking. They stand for responsible development of new businesses, both to broaden the employment opportunities for local residents and expand the tax base. 

They have re-engaged with representatives of the National Park Service regarding the impacts of policies and practices within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area on the residents of the communities in the county that border the park, and have worked to develop improved partnerships to this end. 

As the county has continued to grow through the pandemic and succeeding years, they have steadfastly fought for more commitment from the commonwealth for improvements to infrastructure that are sorely needed in our growing county. 

Reelecting Commissioners Osterberg and Schmalzle will ensure that our county leaders will continue to seek and find balance in the needs of our population and the established character of  Pike County—and that all decisions will be based on the integrity of leaders who say what they mean and mean what they say for the benefit of all constituents. 

Please don’t be distracted by the “storms” on state, national and international fronts—stay the course and vote for Matt and Ron for a continued bright future in Pike County.

George F. Beodeker

Delaware Township, PA 

Conklin is the conservative choice

I have known George Conklin for four decades. We have been friends and have shared a mutual respect for one another the entire time. We have both been volunteer firefighters for a very long time. We have both served as chief officers of our respective departments, George with Hankins/Fremont, me with Youngsville. 

We are both self-employed. George operates a construction business; I am a lifelong farmer and livestock dealer. George served several terms as the supervisor of Fremont, I still hold the office of supervisor of the Town of Callicoon. Clearly we have much in common.

The reason I am telling the readers of this newspaper all of this is because I want all of you to know George Conklin like I have known George Conklin for 40-plus years! George Conklin has served his community and Sullivan County proudly and has worked hard his entire life. 

When George was first elected supervisor, the Town of Fremont was facing a budget deficit. After a relatively short tenure in his office, George Conklin and the town board helped turn the deficit into a surplus. George’s business knowledge and hard work made that possible.

In his first term as District 5 legislator, George has earned the respect of many employees of Sullivan County. Most notably the commissioners of the departments that George chairs in committee—Public Works and Management and Budget.

George is known to arrive early to his office at the government center, communicates often with department heads and is well prepared for committee and full legislative meetings.

George Conklin is a good, honest man who has served his community his entire adult life. Do not let the actions of anyone other than George Conklin influence your decision when deciding who should be the District 5 legislator for the next four years.

George Conklin is my choice and the reason is not just because of our longtime friendship. George Conklin’s conservative values and a lifetime of hard work and smart, successful business decisions make him the best choice.

Thomas R. Bose


Town of Callicoon, NY

Doherty lost his case, fair and square

I have reviewed the written opinion of Sullivan County Legislator Robert Doherty in the October 5- 11 edition of the River Reporter. Mr. Doherty had recently lost a defamation court case filed by another Sullivan County Legislator. Mr. Doherty dubiously claims he accepts the jury decision, but then he proceeds to rehash the allegations against him that he lost in court.

After a duly appointed jury heard testimony, after it weighed the credibility of all witnesses, after it listened to all arguments of counsel, and after the jury received necessary legal instructions from the judge, the jury unanimously ruled against Mr. Doherty.

Mr. Doherty’s only legal remedy was an appeal to a higher court to attempt to overturn the jury’s credibility findings—a very difficult burden. Mr. Doherty’s legal remedies do NOT include the option of a failed attempt to retry the case in the pages of a newspaper.

Mr. Doherty lost his case hands down, fair and square. A jury of his peers summarily rejected his defenses. To quote Mr. Doherty’s written opinion: “Plainly, this is how our judicial system works.” It did not work to his favor. The jury found him lacking in credibility. The jury found him guilty.

Mr. Doherty then insists that he “did not lose, as no damages were awarded.” This statement is quite deceptive. Mr. Doherty fails to concede that there were no money damages because the victorious plaintiff did NOT SEEK money damages.

Mr. Doherty would like the public to think he is a champion of women in government. A sworn jury did not believe him. That should be good enough for the rest of us in Sullivan County.

Let us hope that defamation and deception will never again be a part of our Sullivan County Legislature.

Galen W. Booth

Wurtsboro, NY

Amanda Ward for District 8 Legislator

For the last eight years, I have worked closely with Ira Steingart in the Sullivan County Legislature. Our districts are right next to each other and many of the local issues affecting our constituents have overlapped. 

Ira has decided to retire and his seat is open in the upcoming election. The next legislator who replaces Ira Steingart in District 8 should be well rounded, familiar with the community and dedicated to solving the problems facing the county. 

I believe the best candidate for the job is Amanda Ward. I have known Amanda and her family for over 30 years. Her education and experience make her a very good candidate.  She understands people and treats everyone with dignity and respect. I believe that she will bring the right temperament to the legislature and will represent the people of Fallsburg and Thompson faithfully.  Please join me in supporting Amanda Ward on Election Day for County Legislator in District 8.

Joseph Perrello

Fallsburg, NY

This is not what Congress is paid for

Our Congress is a mess. Well, that’s not earth-shattering news. 

Fire Matt Gaetz for instigating the removal of Kevin McCarthy, creating chaos among Republican Congressmen. 

Fire IIhan Omar and Rashida Talib for their recent inciteful rallies. They all were elected for other, more important tasks than this. This is not what they are paid for. 

And if there is ever a government shutdown due to their (both Republicans’ and Democrats’) inability to legislate, they should not be paid. 

Recent actions by Congress remind me of all the ways our federal government wastes our hard-earned money that goes to taxes.

Let’s put ourselves out of our misery and say no to Biden and Trump—and someone please tell Hillary that she is not relevant anymore. 

I would love to see Nikki Haley elected president. Or if someone can suggest a Democrat that doesn’t lean too far left, I am open to suggestions. 

Bob Henderson 

Narrowsburg, NY

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