This is a superb owl

A superb owl

Friday, January 31
It's 'owl' in how you say it
this is about as much color as you'll catch on any typical day this time of year... unless you're lucky enough for a sunset shot.

Add a splash of color

Friday, January 24
It seems that writing in the winter is always a bit more difficult for me. Or at least writing about this winter.  Sure, I got …
A rose for Alex

Better than sliced bread

Friday, January 17
The funny thing about the internet is, seeing one thing will randomly make you wonder about another.  This morning, I read that Betty …
Hailey and I still look very similar

Do NOT try this at home.

Friday, January 10
Must. Write. A . Blog.  Must. Write. A . Blog.  Must. Write. A . Blog.  I know what I can write about.  We're only ten …

The Newseum is history

Friday, December 27, 2019
Do you know your first amendment rights? Think back to school. Your government or civics classes.  When asked if the First …
I had thought to change the color of the ribbon on the Christmas wreath.  I guess it's time to take it down.

A changing landscape

Monday, April 6
Publisher's Log: April 6, 2020 We are entering Week Four where most of the staff are working from home. Production manager, Amanda, …
The River Reporter's backyard: Little Lake Erie. The red building on the right is the old ice house that stored blocks of ice for the refrigerator cars from the Erie Railroad.

Spring forth

Monday, March 30
As we begin Week Three of publishing the paper with most of the staff working remotely, I am comforted by the gentle spring rain and …
Corner of Erie Ave and Main Street in Narrowsburg.

No usuals, only constants

Monday, March 23
We begin Week Two of working remotely. We are refining our systems to be better organized and efficient. I am here at the office, …
The office is eerily quiet, for a Monday morning.


Monday, March 16
Publishers Log: March 16, 2020 You can generally tell what day it is by who is in the office and what tasks we are doing. On …
A River Runs Through It