Looking back

(wait... that's not my blog name)


This past week found me busy enough that I didn't take the camera very far. Between the rain, wind, snow and ice, I thought it was best to keep myself indoors when possible. So, I've decided to write the cliche end of the year wrap-up that is so often done by so many writers, bloggers and photographers at the end of the year. 

Even Spotify gave me a year in review the other day when I popped my app open. For the record, my number one listened to song was Slow Roll by Everette.  My second song? Halestorm singing I Like it Heavy. (I listen to an interesting mix of things for sure)

So, in the spirit of lazy writing, easy space filling and the "Friday in December mood" I've grabbed a few photos from the first six months of the year to make up my blog post. 

I'm also grabbing a few links to some of the 'top" of 2019 posts I've seen elsewhere on the web for some entertaining click-throughs for you since I know this blog post is lacking any real substance. 

ALL the memes that mattered from 2010 to now

Or maybe these are the memes that matter...

Every movie of the 2010s ranked by Vulture

Best Beer of 2019 by Vine Pair

According to Vanity Fair this music defined the decade

In memoriam: The brands we lost in the 2010s

Wait... did you all realize that this isn't JUST the end of the year, but rather the end of the decade as well?  Well crap. Now I need to rethink this whole damn thing... or.... maybe I can stretch it out to three weeks of posts instead. 

Thats right... this week, January through June... next week, July through present... and the third post... that will be my favorite photos from the last decade. (Brace yourself. That ones gonna be wonky)

In 10 years I've gone from a decent photographer, to a nut job with a camera willing to chase a swan in below freezing weather, or the girl who climbs a large metal tower in the dark at a EDM festival to get the perfect crowd shot.  And maybe, if I'm lucky, I can track down some of the best of the whole decade for you to laugh at... or enjoy. 


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