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The Way Out Here
When it comes to food in our household, my wife is the better chef, and I am the better baker. We share in both duties, but we bow to each other’s strengths. As my regular readers will know, …
Ramblings of a Catskill Flyfisher
When I was a fisheries biologist, actually conducting  stream surveys, it was not uncommon for members of the local sportsmen’s clubs to question some of our management policies and regulations. One of the questions I was confronted with the most had to do with the numbers and sizes of trout, or the lack thereof, in the streams we were managing. 
Mixed Greens

Hot weather is in the news, partly because so many areas of the U.S. are experiencing record and prolonged heat, and also because we are learning more about just how dangerous extremely hot weather can be. 

River Muse
The Art Garden

Art has always been a part of my life, from early childhood to today. My mother wanted to live her life as an artist, but was dissuaded vigorously by her mother and by circumstance. She was a single …

Peace and Justice Files
At the very last minute

I am writing this column, my friends, at the very last minute. I’m right up against deadline—it’s late on Friday, June 24, 2022, about 11 in the evening, moving quickly towards …

Root Cellar
In appreciation of Kristin Barron and Root Cellar

Columns ‘highlighted the deep nature of her mind’ I don’t recall exactly how Kristin and I met, but by the time her daughter Lily was born, we were fast friends, and celebrated …

From the Relationship Center
How does childhood trauma influence your life?

How does childhood trauma influence your life? This is not going to be an article with definitive information, as there are many different types of traumas with too many possible effects. But …

Jude's Culinary Journey
A jar of Golden Blossom honey, with its green and gold label, was always in a cupboard in the kitchen of my childhood. We didn’t reach for it often. In winter, I would drizzle it over a bowl of …
Mixed Greens
As often as I have railed against the proliferation of plastic materials in our lives, I have always made an exception about medical products and devices. For one thing, as someone with absolutely no …
The Way Out Here
So everyone knows about the tooth fairy: you put a tooth under your pillow and you might get a quarter in the morning. Well, did you know there is another fairy out there?