River Talk
Different name, same pest

If you live near trees or forest land, you may have seen tiny black caterpillars last spring around the middle of May, gradually getting larger as the month ended. When tiny, they were all dark, and people asked, “What are they?” 

The preacher of spring

When in bloom, one of the more easily identifiable native plants to be found in the Upper Delaware River region is “Jack-in-the-pulpit” (Arisaema triphyllum), a delightful spring …

Bald eagle construction code

If you happen to see a bald eagle nest while paddling the river or from across the lake, you will probably first notice the size. They are massive nests constructed of sticks.

Outdoor engagement

When I want to reap the many benefits of being outside, immersed in the energizing forces of the natural world, I’m able do so simply by hiking the nearest woodland trail, paddling a local …

Lead hinders eagle recovery efforts

Those of us who have lived in the area long enough probably remember that once there were not as many bald eagles seen here as there are now. We may have seen some wintering eagles from Canada and …