The way out here
Peach-ure perfect muffins

It’s amazing how fast the seasons slip by, in general, but especially this year. I’ve been hearing on the news how there have been unnaturally shorter days or something this year, but for …

The proof is in the pollinators

My sons enjoy a book that I read at least once a week to them. It’s titled “The Beeman,” and it’s by Laurie Krebs. My favorite part is the opening page, which quotes a poem written by Aileen Fisher.

Evenin’ dreamin’

Gas prices being what they are, I’m not one to exacerbate the touchy subject of my weekly fuel budget by making unnecessary trips. If you are one of the few who didn’t waste money on the Mega Millions lottery recently, you may share this practical concern. Quite simply, it is to save gas and attempt to be efficient.

Nicks, ticks, and archery sticks

Anyone else feeling a little beat up? I jest, but I wouldn’t be lying if I said I felt a little like a flaming train skidding into the station as we approach year’s end. So many things …

Hacking apple cider

Possibly the most sought-after drink of the fall season is apple cider. Whether you like it hot or cold, spiced or plain, bitter or sweet, the pursuit of its appley goodness is not only a great treat …