Photos contributed by Lisa Saunders
A memorial of 220 silver rocks (the color of CMV awareness) on the Trail of Hope honoring the number of babies born disabled by congenital CMV in New York each year, was created as part of a June 2021 CMV Awareness Month presentation in Lyons, NY. The rocks memorialize the names of 70 children that families asked to be included.
I just received one of the best presents ever—the passing of “Elizabeth’s Law,” named in memory of my daughter.
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Photo by Preslie Hirsch on Unsplash
With this week’s paper, we begin a six-week exploration of joy. It seemed fitting that given the current state of national and global news, we concentrate on finding stories of resilience. That we explore the path from pain and separation to interconnection and—if we are lucky and diligent—joy.
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Letters to the editor
Rumors at DV and human rights

Don’t believe everything you hear.

UDC, school choices, and more

After being away for eight years, it’s beyond wonderful to be back in our beautiful river valley, with all the pleasures and challenges of rural life. It is also wonderful to be rejoining the Upper Delaware Community Network. In saying that, I urge any reader who has not joined to consider doing so.

my view
Close up of a young boy drinking from a glass of water in the Northeast of England.
Where does your water come from?
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Photo by Antenna on Unsplash
To me, participating in meetings on the local level is critical to protecting the environment, and improving our way of life. 
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Sprouts and your health

Since my junior year in high school, when I grew mung bean sprouts between moist paper towels in my mother’s dish cupboard, my consumption and knowledge of sprouts has expanded.  For a …

Bosco, a Jack Russell terrier

According to Wikipedia, Jack Russell terriers are bouncy, mischievous and in need of vigorous exercise. Originally bred in England during the early 19th century for hunting small prey, they are known …

In the blink of an eye

I was sitting at my desk writing Thanksgiving cards, when I got up to cross the room to retrieve a couple of AA batteries to include in a small gift. I leaned down and to the left about five degrees …