Photo by Fred Moon on Unsplash
The sheriff’s office police reform and reinvention survey would be a hoot—if it weren’t so seriously deficient. Out of a county of over 75,000, 362 responded to the 13-question …
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Photo from the New York Public Library Digital Collections
When I moved to Narrowsburg in 1978, Main Street was filled with women leaders. Gladys Maas was in charge at the Narrowsburg Feed Mill. Stella Ropke was manager at the River Bank, in the original …
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Letters to the editor
'The real radicals' and more

Letters to the editor June 24 to 30

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RR photo by Sandy Long
The American Jobs Plan has the potential to safeguard the reaches of our pristine Upper Delaware region by investing in workforce development and natural infrastructure. This historic proposal will …
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Photo by Chepe Nicoli on Unsplash
A few years ago, my oldest kid, Dan, and I—he 20-something, me in my 50s—were at the base of one of the Verrazzano Narrows Bridge’s cloverleaf exit ramps, waiting with thousands of …
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A coping plan for COVID and its aftermath

Much ink has been spilled on efforts to address the emotional and functional challenges of living through COVID and its now perceived aftermath.

'Menschlachkeit' on Main Street

The word "mensch," in the  Yiddish language, means a good and giving person. And "menschlachkeit" is the expanded term that denotes this total behavioral approach that is concerned with doing the right thing for humankind and community.

When less is more

I recently saw a New York City Health Department television ad encouraging people to trust and take the COVID vaccine. It presents a series of questions and answers.  In a slide …