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Newspapers face another big election. It’s about them. While the United States is riveted by a most unusual presidential election, the newspaper industry is running to win the hearts, …
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Contributed photo
Inside the Highland Zoning Board of Appeals.
There are many people who watch over the town. It starts on the town level with the town board: the elected officials who do the business of the town. These folks receive a stipend. They are our …
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Letters to the editor
'Regarding Doherty’s recent letter' and more

Letters to the editor November 26 to December 2

'Election reflections'

Letter to the editor November 19 to 25

my view
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So, I’ve been thinking. (Cue the horrified cries.) Looks like we have a Democratic president, a Democratic House and a Republican Senate. What’s going to get signed into law? Nothing, …
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I recently turned 66 years old and I am starting over. That feels like an opening gambit to a discussion of golf, travel or the hours to be spent with brushes and oils, but that’s not where …
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Dialog is possible

So, I put it out there.  Trust the process. Trust the paper. It was an editorial. Printed in the paper. It doesn't get any more public than that.

Astrological forecast for November

One way to look at astrology is that it describes the current mood. What is everyone talking about? The big issues this year are shown by Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn symbolizing both the …

Astrological forecast for October

Below is October forecast for each sign according to the ascendant and Sun signs, including astrological advice about how to cope with the ongoing restrictions. While the heavy transits are still …