BY Z. A. Kohloa
Posted 7/26/19

The worm says to thewasp, Today you friend me,tomorrow you eat me.Honey bees they’realways screaming racism,it’s a cultural thing.

Man says, Ouch you bit me.Mosquito says, Get over …

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The worm says to the
wasp, Today you friend me,
tomorrow you eat me.

Honey bees they’re
always screaming racism,
it’s a cultural thing.

Man says, Ouch you bit me.
Mosquito says, Get over it,
it’s in the past.

Monarch—When I was
caterpillar, you tried to
force yourself on me.

Little June bug, be
careful, we need to dim the
light, your’s shines too bright.

A bed bug wraps, You
can say no to drugs, but you
can’t say no to hugs.
Wasp says, That’s your
perception of reality

Leave it in the past.

The beehive blues,
frenemies another form
of feline jealousies.

Cockroach news
Lice never see color or race
it’s a cultural thing.

Parasitoid says,
Move on, that was yesterday’s
news, it’s in the past.

Black ant — I like
Who I am, it’s you who tries
to convince me not to.

Frog — What happened to
your leg? Grasshopper sighs, I
left it in the past.


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