Election Heat

Letters to the editor November 1- 6

Posted 12/31/69

Labor pains

Re Leah Casner’s column “Dan handling” (October 26-November 1): Before our first child was born, we also attended Lamaze classes. An unexpected traffic jam made us …

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Election Heat

Letters to the editor November 1- 6


Labor pains

Re Leah Casner’s column “Dan handling” (October 26-November 1): Before our first child was born, we also attended Lamaze classes. An unexpected traffic jam made us late for one session. We arrived just in time to watch the instructor squeeze the sleeve of a sweater, out of which popped a big yellow grapefruit. My wife and I looked at each other and said, almost simultaneously, “All that effort just for a grapefruit?”

Steven Stellman

Kenoza Lake, NY

We need Cat Scott

I’ve known Cat Scott for over 40 years. She is running for Sullivan County Legislature for District 5, which includes Callicoon, Cochecton, Delaware, Fremont and Tusten towns.

Her platform includes fiscal responsibility, honest dialogue and civility to the public through the legislature. Advocating for the elderly, keeping and improving healthcare in the county and addressing the opioid crisis are just a few areas this smart powerful and hardworking candidate will address.

Vote on November 7 for Cat Scott. We need her! She has my vote!

Marion Roche

Town of Delaware, NY

Keep MY taxes low

One of the more contentious issues that plague residents of Sullivan County is property taxes. Property taxes in Sullivan County for residences are, in my opinion, out of control.

Recently, I reviewed a county document, “Estimate of Town Tax Based on Taxable Value of $100,000.” This document focuses on the town rate for your property taxes. Taking out the Town of Thompson ([because of] casino tax revenue), the Town of Highland has the lowest tax rate per $1,000 in the entire county, with a rate of $4.91. 

Towns that border Highland have rates of $10.31, $11.28 and $7.57. 

In many cases, Highland’s are 50 percent lower than other towns. This means a home in Highland worth $100,000 pays $491 per year, while adjacent towns pay $1,031; $1,128; and $757.

These are significant amounts. (And as we all know, homes worth $100,000 no longer exist in Sullivan County.)

This is due to the leadership in the Town of Highland by Supervisor Jeff Haas and the town board. 

This is no easy task; it takes fiscal responsibility, advance planning and superior investment strategies. 

Keep my taxes low and vote for Jeff Haas for supervisor in the Town of Highland. 

John Lang

Yulan, NY

Haas is selfless and first on the scene

I am an emergency medical technician and a proud member of the Highland Ambulance Service. I have been on many calls, including car accidents, house fires, traumas and medical emergencies. What I have noted over the years is that Jeff Haas is at the scene first. 

He is the most selfless person I have ever known. He cares more about others than himself. He has practical knowledge and experience that allows him to react to any situation. He knows how to mobilize the appropriate people and resources to tackle any adverse situation. 

My wife and I have and would continue to call out to him first in the face of any crisis. I wish we had more people like him. He has our full support for reelection as Town Supervisor.

Also, another who always shows up is Tom Migliorino, another great person whom we wholeheartedly endorse for council member.

Michael and Elizabeth Sherwood

Yulan, NY

Conklin didn’t stand up to Doherty

Good judgment and leadership are qualities one should seek in a candidate running for public office. George Conklin has not demonstrated either of those qualities during his time as a legislator. Not only has Conklin voted twice to elect Robert Doherty as chairman of the legislature, but time and time again Conklin has handed his vote to Doherty. 

George Conklin only voted differently than Rob Doherty twice. One of them was to vote against receiving state money for the Callicoon Riverside Park project in our own district. 

Recently, a resolution was brought forth to remove Robert Doherty from the chairmanship after a jury of six found him guilty of defaming District 6 Legislator Luis Alvarez. George Conklin voted against removing Roberty Doherty as chairman. Loyalty to Robert Doherty is more important to George Conklin than leadership. 

During the last three years, Robert Doherty has been verbally aggressive during legislative meetings. His outbursts have been directed at fellow legislators, other elected officials such as then-District Attorney Megan Galligan, county employees, and even at members of the public. Not once has George Conklin stood up to Doherty or voiced his disapproval of such inappropriate behavior. That isn’t leadership, it’s submission. 

George Conklin’s unwavering support for Robert Doherty and his lack of leadership shows poor judgment. Sadly, Tom Bose has thrown his support behind George Conklin, which in turn means that at the end of the day, he supports Robert Doherty, too. 

Do you know who has stood up to Robert Doherty on behalf of others over the last three years? Cat Scott. If Cat Scott can stand up to Robert Doherty then shouldn’t George Conklin?

Jeremy Neimand

Callicoon, NY

George Conklin deserves your vote

My name is Shannan Armbrust. I am a lifelong resident of Sullivan County and have been an employee in the Sullivan County Treasurer’s Office for 15 years. 

As the senior fiscal administrative officer, it is my duty to maintain all of the county financials. I take my job seriously and pride myself on accuracy, transparency and reliability.

In my 15 years at the county, I have worked with 25 different legislators. Many of them were only here on meeting days and left immediately after the meetings ended. 

District 5 Legislator George Conklin III is not that type of legislator. George is in the government center several days a week—not just meeting days. George visits departments and their department heads to learn about issues that are affecting them and our county. George makes it a point to routinely review each department’s budget thoroughly and works hard to bring fiscal stability to Sullivan County. 

He has consistently been focused on all issues of the county—not just one in particular. 

George does his homework, he is informed, he is knowledgeable and aware of not only the issues of the county, but also its successes. He has been an integral part of those successes and a staple in the government center for the past four years. 

I am asking you to not believe the propaganda being spread by people who do not spend any time learning the facts. I am asking you to vote for George Conklin III—Legislator for District 5. 

Shannan Armbrust

Jeffersonville, NY 

Cat Scott will protect the vulnerable

The highest role of government is protecting and serving society’s vulnerable. County legislators have failed in that duty, selling out seniors and privatizing clinical services at the Adult Care Center and downsizing Sullivan County Alcohol & Drug Abuse Services and other outpatient clinics almost to the point of abolition.

Cat Scott is a smart, capable and caring candidate whose priorities are in the right place. Cat will lead the way to restoring the quality of care for which Sullivan County was once known.

Election Day is November 7. Please vote for Cat Scott for Legislature District 5. 

For more info, see www.friendsofcatscott.org.

Tom Rue

Narrowsburg, NY

Brian McPhillips: an intelligent leader and hard worker

The name McPhillips is synonymous with integrity, principles and ethics. Residents will do well to vote for any of the McPhillips candidates on this November’s ballot. 

Matt McPhillips will definitely have my vote in District 1, but I would like to inform Sullivan County residents about Brian McPhillips, who is running as a legislator for District 3. Brian has demonstrated that he has all the necessary qualifications and skills to excel in this position. 

Brian’s party, People Over Politics, is exactly what Brian is about. He has served as a councilman for the Town of Liberty for three terms, and has always advocated for both the employees and the residents of the town, standing up for what is right, and not just voting along party lines. He researches the issues and listens to the concerns of his constituents before deciding on an issue. 

Brian is an intelligent leader and a hard worker. He is a father, husband, son, facilities manager at New Hope Community and a lifelong resident of Sullivan County. He is a person who will work hard for all the residents of our county, just as he has done for the Town of Liberty. 

Not having Brian on our Liberty board will be a tremendous loss for Liberty residents, but will be a huge gain for our county. 

I know that Brian will work tirelessly to make our county a better place. Just as important, he will restore civility, dignity and ethics to the Sullivan County Legislature, all of which have been sorely lacking. I urge you to vote for Brian McPhillips.

Nancy Levine

Swan Lake, NY

Dana Salazar endorsed by state PBA, carpenters’ union

Dana Salazar, candidate for the New York State Supreme Court’s Third Judicial District, has been endorsed by the Police Benevolent Association of the New York State Troopers (NYSTPBA). NYSTPBA is a law enforcement and labor organization that represents over 7,000 active and retired members of the New York State Police.

“It is with careful consideration that the NYSTPBA is endorsing Dana Salazar for election to the NYS Supreme Court, 3rd Judicial District,” the group stated in its letter of endorsement. “The NYSTPBA is confident that Dana Salazar is a highly qualified candidate.”

The North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters (NASRCC) has also endorsed her. NASRCC is a labor organization that represents over 28,000 carpenters and related workers in the construction industry.

“We believe in developing and maintaining intelligent labor laws that can serve honest workers and honest employers,” the NASRCC stated. “Our council will always work to ensure and preserve fair labor standards and fight for sustainable capital construction programs which can create jobs and stimulate the economy. 

“At the same time, we understand it is necessary to protect our members from proposals which would weaken their ability to secure work at appropriate wages. These are our guiding principles that we look forward to working with you on, as we know you are the right candidate for NASRCC members.”

Calling the union “an influential voice for working families,” Salazar added, “I recognize their dedication to promoting fair labor standards, creating jobs and economic opportunities, and ensuring justice and equality. As a state Supreme Court judge, I will bring balance to the bench, support the rule of law, and serve the people of the Third Judicial District with integrity, impartiality and compassion.”

The candidate also said, “I am humbled to have the endorsement of the New York State Troopers PBA, a respected and trusted voice for law enforcement and public safety in our state. The New York State Troopers PBA is dedicated to upholding the law, ensuring public safety, and protecting the rights of citizens. As a state Supreme Court judge, I will work hard to ensure that justice is served fairly and bring balance to the bench.” 

Along with receiving the above endorsements, Salazar has also been endorsed by the Republican and Conservative parties.

Dana Salazar for Supreme Court

Albany, NY

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