In my humble opinion

The only constant is change

Posted 1/26/22

Jonathan Charles Fox is away right now, but we don’t want you to miss him. So here’s a column from five years ago. So much has changed! But, as Heraclitus and Jonathan say, that is the …

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In my humble opinion

The only constant is change


Jonathan Charles Fox is away right now, but we don’t want you to miss him. So here’s a column from five years ago. So much has changed! But, as Heraclitus and Jonathan say, that is the only constant. Time flows on. Enjoy!

That’s what the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus claimed, anyhow. Actually, he said, “change is the only constant in life,” but over the years, his words have been, well… changed.

Either way, I don’t like it and I never have. As a result, I’ve often found myself stuck in one place, be it physical or metaphorical, and while it may not be healthy, I yam what I yam. I do however, relish variety, which is why I enjoy traveling the hills and valleys of the Upper Delaware River region in search of photo-ops to assist me in describing all that occurs during any given week here in the mountains. It may come as no surprise that winter is my least favorite season and I find myself a bit depressed as the temperature drops, but there are often snowy, icy festivals to attend at this time of year, which soften the blow and help (IMHO) to chase the winter blues away.

Although last week’s ice storm provided some pretty pictures, what snow was left on the ground melted away during the change in weather, and I found the plans on my calendar evaporating in a domino effect, causing me some undue stress. In addition, I had received news that more changes were underway over at the radio station ( where I spend a good deal of time. Along with the recent merger, combining their studio space with new partners WSUL and WVOS, long-time friend and on-air personality Michelle Semerano announced that she was leaving the fold.

“Say it ain’t so!” I begged in an email. “You know I don’t like change!” Picking up the phone, Michelle tried to soothe my jangled nerves. “It’s bittersweet,” she said, “as I close this chapter of my life, but I’m extremely excited for my next adventure. I can’t believe it’s been eight years!”

“But… but… what about me?” I wailed, somehow sure that I could persuade Semerano to change her mind. “Oh, honey,” she responded. “I’ve been saying it before and I’ll say it again. It’s not all about you.” Crestfallen, I dragged myself over to the new studio for a farewell shindig, where Michelle made sure to alert me to the dessert tray, providing “one last donut experience together” before she went on her way.

As folks filtered in and out, even Dharma the Wonder Dog became a little verklempt, and she sulked in a corner as Sullivan County Legislature chairman Luis Alvarez presented Michelle with a certificate of special recognition, citing her “dedication to the Bold Gold Media Group” during her long run. “I will never forget each and every one of you,” she said in a prepared statement. “It’s been my pleasure to be a part of the ‘Thunder Country’ community. I thank all of you for allowing me into your homes, your lives and (I hope) your hearts.” Semerano and I have shared a lot over the years. I don’t want to talk about it.

With the thermometer reaching into the upper 40s, I was not surprised to come home to the news that the Livingston Manor Rotary Ice Carnival had been postponed and was advised to check in to their Facebook page (of the same name) for updated info. “Great!” I snarled at the dog. “More changes afoot. Yay!” Wondering how the warming sun might affect Sunday’s Winter Carnival in the town of Fallsburg, I went online to see “Event Postponed” in large letters on the town’s website. In a salute to irony, the posting actually listed “predicted icy inclement weather” as the reason for the cancellation, but perhaps someone simply forgot to change the wording of the announcement, since there was virtually no ice nor inclement weather in sight.

Check in with us at The River Reporter on Facebook for updates on all things icy. There is another winter storm on the way, so we’ll keep you posted. Once again, I have failed at making lemons into lemonade, frozen or otherwise, and have decided that I need to put more effort into going with the proverbial (and presently thawed) flow, since the changes will undoubtedly continue to occur whether I like it or not. Will I learn to embrace change as the only constant? Unlikely, given my old dog/new tricks status, although I suppose that if the temperature can be wildly unpredictable and continue to fluctuate over the next few months, maybe I can too. Stay tuned.

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