The frog by Rebel 10/5/18

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Posted 10/5/18

I think I am cursed by frogs, frog lures that is.  This week I tried out the frog by Rebel. It isn’t a floating frog like the one I tried from Lunkerhunt a few weeks back. This frog was …

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The frog by Rebel 10/5/18


I think I am cursed by frogs, frog lures that is.  This week I tried out the frog by Rebel. It isn’t a floating frog like the one I tried from Lunkerhunt a few weeks back. This frog was completely different in design and function. It is only about as heavy as a #2 spinner, and 2 inches long counting the rear hook. It has a glossy surface painted to look like a frog as you might assume, but is a hard lure with a small diving lip and two small treble hooks. The lure itself is hollow and has a rattle inside and the tail of the lure doesn’t split into two legs, but rather has a hole where they separate and merge back together. This is what creates the unique swimming motion of this lure.

I’ll start off by saying I didn’t get a hit on this lure at all. Does this mean it’s a bad lure? I don’t think so. Given more time and the opportunity to try some different habitats I think this is a lure that has the capability to produce fish. However, I’ll not yarn you, my readers, any lies about my understanding of the lure.

The packaging the lure came in said that this lure could be thrown toward grass or lily pads. I think it important to note that it says towards and not on top of. Unlike other frog designs, this lure with is descending treble hooks would be far more likely to snag on protruding vegetation should it be pulled across the top of lily pads etc. Near the vegetation is always a great location to fish however and I’m sure with the right scenario an ambush predator would be on this lure as quick as any other.

The packaging also mentions allowing the lure to rest on top of the water and jerking it along to mimic distress. Due to the diving lip on the front of the lure I find it very difficult to keep this lure from diving. Keeping the rod tip up on the retrieve and only making minimal pulls on the retrieve seems to be the best shot for making the frog function as described, however I find that anytime the rod tip is up on the retrieve, you lose reaction time on the hook-set.

I would endorse the alternative method of fishing this lure which the package also mentions, which is to have a slow steady retrieve, stopping sporadically to allow the suspension of the lure to convey vulnerability to fish. On the steady retrieve the frog will dive and wiggle slightly, creating vibrations from the hooks and the internal rattle to be sent out and picked up by fishes lateral lines. What is unique to me about this lure is the way it holds depth on the dive. The lure dives to whatever depth you allow based on rod position and speed, but when you stop reeling, the lure will not really float or sink from the depth it has reached. Depending on your environment this could be very beneficial, especially in the case when you want to stop in a targeted area and let the lure appear natural. Sometimes with other diving lures, they will either sink or float after they stop. Sinking is somewhat natural and floating to the surface can be depending on the lure, but ultimately you the fisherman are forced to allow the lure to do these things. With the frog you have the option to really slow things down and take advantage of a suspended lure.

I will certainly be throwing this some more to see what it can actually do. The package says it’s great for bass, panfish and trout. We will see how it does. In the mean time, if you’ve ever fished with this lure or happen to do so with any success, let me know how you made out.

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