Spring forth


As we begin Week Three of publishing the paper with most of the staff working remotely, I am comforted by the gentle spring rain and the process of the paper's creation. It reminds me that there is a rhythm of the earth that speaks to consistency, just like there is a rhythm of the paper's deadlines and workflow.

I understand that our work is exceedingly important.  And that communication, especially in this fast-moving news culture, is imperative to our sense of meaning-making in our troubled world.

In this new landscape, I am aware that setting the news in context is so important to our understanding of it.  And I agree with Gov. Andrew Cuomo who spoke last week about information, whether deemed good or bad, is empowering.

May you feel empowered and comforted by the spring bursting forth, and the newspaper that arrives in your mailbox each week.

publisher's log


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