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Posted 11/13/19

November 13 to

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Letter's to the editor


Dear voters,

On election night, my campaign for Sullivan County legislator was successful by a margin that truly humbles me, and I want to thank everyone who helped along the way, making it possible for me to represent District 3.

Sullivan County’s momentum is on the upswing, but a lot of work remains to be done. I’m a common guy who decided to get involved and to do my best to effect positive change for my community. This is my sixth successful election, and each time I get a deeper sense of appreciation for the people I represent.
Again, I thank you and I look forward to working for you for the next four years.

Michael Brooks
Grahamsville, NY

‘I’m disgusted with the entire process’

District 2 in Sullivan County just came through a tumultuous and rancorous primary and general election. As a Republican, I’m disgusted with the entire process. Whoever allowed a self-described “proud Democrat” to run on the Republican line should be ashamed of him/herself and removed from his/her position. Voting is about electing the best person to represent oneself in the halls of government. How is it even remotely fair or logical to have the same person running on both major lines? How can any person, Republican or Democrat, have a comfort level that the candidate, Nadia Rajsz, is representing us? Personally, I think she is just representing herself, otherwise she would have done the honorable thing and chosen one line. Nadia describes herself as a proud Democrat, flaunting pictures of herself with all the leading Democratic officeholders. That’s fine if she were running as a Democrat; I’d assume that would endear her to her Democratic voters. But if she is so proud to identify as a Democrat, why would the Republican Party permit her to run on the Republican line? Additionally, when has a Republican candidate ever accepted the endorsement of the NYS Working Families Party, an extreme-left leaning, progressive, Marxist political party whose goals for our locality, state and country are in direct opposition to the Republican plank?

Who in the Republican Committee leadership thought this was a good idea and would be helpful in promoting conservative values? More importantly, what did this person(s) gain in return for approving this? Ms. Rajsz doesn’t represent me, nor my values, and never has, not as county legislator nor as Lumberland supervisor. I voted for the only candidate who would and has represented me and the values I hold dear, Kathy LaBuda. I thought national politics was swampy, but they’ve got nothing on Sullivan County.

Janice Torretta
Glen Spey, NY

UDC objects to TRR article

The Upper Delaware Council (UDC) objects to the October 10 article, “Highland blames UDC staff for poor communications.”

In it, reporter David Hulse re-printed an October 3 letter to the UDC signed by Highland Town Councilwoman and UDC Representative Kaitlin Haas without responsibly seeking comment from the UDC to verify or address its contents.

The fact that the letter singled out an employee with harsh criticism makes it particularly troublesome that no attempt was made to present a balanced article with context.

The UDC had transmitted on September 20 a detailed report of suggested changes that would bring the town’s adopted 2019 Highland Zoning Law into substantial conformance with the Land and Water Use Guidelines, after evaluations by the UDC’s Project Review Committee and National Park Service (NPS) professional planners identified numerous deficiencies.
This action came after eight months of meetings, discussions, report presentations and attempted mediation via no less than eight letters and emails to the town and its planning consultants offering technical assistance.

A primary management responsibility assigned to the UDC under federal contract is to review the relevant laws, plans and ordinances of its member municipalities to provide recommendations to the NPS regarding substantial conformance with the Upper Delaware legislation, River Management Plan and Land and Water Use Guidelines, and to monitor their enforcement. The Secretary of the Interior makes the final determination. The goal is to protect the values that justified the 1978 national designation of the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River while honoring the desire for local land use controls and maintenance of private property rights.

The letter’s claims that the “UDC’s review and responses are based solely on one person’s interpretation” with “personal vendettas” are procedurally and individually inaccurate.
To the contrary, the UDC seeks to be an advocate for its members.

Harold G. Roeder, Jr.
UDC 2019 Chairperson


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