Fresh pet food for your dog’s health

Posted 2/7/23

If you’re worried whether you’re giving your dogs the best food for their health, you’re not alone. The newest generation of pet parents consider their pet’s food choices to …

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Fresh pet food for your dog’s health


If you’re worried whether you’re giving your dogs the best food for their health, you’re not alone. The newest generation of pet parents consider their pet’s food choices to be just as important as their own.

Compared to previous generations, the next generation of pet parents are five times more likely to add a topper to their dog’s kibble to elevate the dog’s mealtime experience, according to a pet-food study conducted by Wellness Pet Company with the Valen Group. That adds up to nearly four out of 10 next-gen pet parents (38 percent) who are topping their dog’s food each day.

The study also shows that millennial and Gen Z pet parents are willing to pay up to 15 percent more for a premium nutritional choice. That’s driven by their desire to seek higher-quality ingredients and nutrition for the health and wellness of their pet, so they can enjoy a lifetime of wellbeing together.

This growing interest in providing four-legged family members with better fresh nutrition options led Wellness Pet Food to expand its Wellness® Bowl Boosters® line with the launch of Wellness® Bowl Boosters Freshly™ in June 2022. These fresh toppers, available at PetSmart and Petco, add complete and balanced nutrition to dogs’ existing kibble. Dogs and pet parents love it.

Dr. Danielle Bernal, global veterinarian with Wellness Pet Company, knows how high-quality fresh foods make a difference in dogs’ overall health, and that such foods elevate mealtime excitement to a whole new level.

If you’re unsure how to tell if your dog’s food provides sufficient nutrition to optimize health, Dr. Bernal offers some important things to consider.

How do you know your dog’s food is supporting their physical well-being?

Look for signs like:

Healthy skin and shiny coat

All-day energy that keeps them running and playing

Healthy digestion, so you know your pet is absorbing essential nutrients

Strong teeth and bones that help them eat well and stay active

Healthy immune system that keeps dogs feeling their best

What ingredients in fresh products benefit your dog’s health, and how?

Guaranteed antioxidants like Vitamins A and E for immune system support

Omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed or salmon oil for a lustrous skin and coat

Calcium and phosphorus for strong teeth and bones

Wholesome veggies and grains, like carrots and rice, add natural dietary fibers to support digestive health and provide the energy your pet needs

Increased nutrient absorption from highly digestible proteins, fats and carbohydrates to help fuel total wellbeing

Fresh food toppers provide increased total hydration to support daily activity and put less strain on major organs, and help aid overall kidney and urinary health. With a home-cooked texture and high-quality fresh ingredients, a fresh topper is the ultimate way to make mealtimes exciting and more bowl-licking delicious for your pup.

Using fresh foods in your pet’s daily mealtime routine

Pet parents have options on how to feed their dog fresh food, whether they are choosing to top their existing kibble with fresh food or serving as a complete meal. Remember:

Once thawed, fresh food needs to be refrigerated and enjoyed within five days.

Choose flavors your dog will love. Wellness® Bowl Boosters Freshly™ recipes, for example, offer a variety of ingredients: 1) chicken and butternut squash, 2) beef and carrots, 3) turkey and sweet potatoes. There’s a recipe made specifically for puppies, with turkey and rice.

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