election 2020

Election 2020: Metzger vs. Martucci, Galligan vs. Labuda

Letters in support of a candidate October 22 to 28

Posted 10/21/20

Letters in support of a candidate October 22 to 28

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election 2020

Election 2020: Metzger vs. Martucci, Galligan vs. Labuda

Letters in support of a candidate October 22 to 28


Martucci is irresponsibly wrong on NYS bail reform

With fear-mongering bluster and reckless deceit, NYS Senate Candidate Mike Martucci falsely claims that the bail elimination law adopted by the NYS Legislature has created an imminent danger to our communities. However, he hides the fact that all defendants may post cash bail or bond to remain free in the community just like those released on recognizance (ROR) without a bail requirement.

He hides the fact that the purpose of bail is to ensure a defendant’s appearance at future court hearings, not to punish a defendant who has not yet been convicted.

He hides the fact that the court still may remand a defendant judged to be dangerous to jail pending further court action. A remand hearing, however, now requires the timely submission of complete evidence from the arresting agency and the prosecution. The prior lack of basic documentation resulted in distortions and abuses in the administration of bail which Senator Jen Metzger, thankfully, is attempting to correct.

Mike Martucci’s dishonest TV campaign attacks against Metzger’s equal justice bail reform efforts damages his credibility and challenges his fitness to hold public office.

Jurgen Wekerle
Orange County Probation Dept. Supervisor, ROR Project Coordinator, retired
Walden, NY

Farmers for Martucci

We, the undersigned farmers of Sullivan County, overwhelmingly support Mike Martucci for New York State Senate in the 42nd District. We represent dairy, beef, poultry and egg producers and, collectively, we farm, and pay taxes on, thousands of acres of land in Sullivan County. Many of us operate multi-generational farms that have sustained and supported many other agri-businesses in Sullivan and surrounding counties for decades.

Martucci is a young father and devoted husband who is an intelligent, hardworking, successful business person with extraordinary energy and enthusiasm. His family operates a farm in Orange County that was started by his grandfather.

Martucci’s decision to enter the race for Senate did not come easy. However, as a father of three young children and a former business owner with several hundred employees, Martucci realized there are things in New York that are a threat to those two most important parts of his life:

The dangerous “Bail Reform” law puts criminals, some of them violent offenders, back on the streets, free to commit crimes again. The “Green Light” law enables illegal immigrants to obtain an NYS driver’s license. The “Dream Act” creates a pathway for illegal immigrants to obtain free college tuition. The “Farm Labor” law puts another financial burden on farms that have been struggling for years due to some of the worst wholesale prices received for our products. These are all legislated business killers that Martucci’s opponent Jen Metzger fought for and voted in favor of. In addition, residents and businesses are being forced out of New York due to nearly the highest property and state taxes in the nation.

We are experiencing unprecedented times. Businesses are struggling or closing due to COVID-19. Violence and unrest continue in our streets, some not that far removed from our county.

We, the farmers of Sullivan County, realize this has to change and that is why our families are all supporting the only candidate that will make New York what it once was: a great place to raise a family and operate a business. The farmers of Sullivan County proudly support Mike Martucci for NYS Senate in the 42nd District.

Submitted by Thomas Bose, Youngsville, NY on behalf of Weiss Dairy Farm; Hudson Valley Foie Gras, LLC; Brandon Peters Dairy; Kays Farm; LaBelle Farms, Inc.; Bella Poultry, Inc.; Cindy Farms, Inc.; Bose Dairy Farm; Sykes Dairy, LLP; Hudson Valley Chicken, LLC; Crystal Falls Farm Lee’s Egg Farm #2, LLC; Daniel Diehl Dairy BK Logging & Beef Farm; Wil-Hugh Farm Jose 1 Farms, Inc.; and Hofer Log & Lumber. Narrowsburg, NY

Acting DA Meagan Galligan’s got what it takes

I can no longer stay silent on the race for Sullivan County District Attorney. Having served in this position for 28 years, and knowing both candidates well, I feel compelled to make my position public.

To properly serve as district attorney, one must have the attributes of competency, morality, legal skill, a willingness to do what is right and not politically easy, and most importantly, to be of high moral character and integrity.

Frank LaBuda does not have these vital qualities or experience necessary to be your next District Attorney. Meagan Galligan does.

LaBuda worked in the DA’s office from January 1982 through February 1989. What I observed was his blatant duplicity and lack of integrity, loyalty and ethics in handling criminal cases for his friends. As a result, I fired him.

What prompts me to speak out is that LaBuda is embellishing and deceptively glorifying his military background to gain voters support. His campaign literature and statements claim that he is a “combat veteran,” “served under fire” and that he is “battle-tested.” This is pure fiction.

The reality is that LaBuda never served in any combat arms. He served as an officer in the Judge Advocate General Corps. In simple terms, he was a lawyer in the Army. These false statements dishonor our veterans and particularly those that actually served in harm’s way.

It is crucial that voters know that LaBuda is not telling them the truth and does not have the track record or ethics to lead our law enforcement community with integrity and honor.

I am urging you, regardless of your party affiliation, to vote for acting DA Meagan Galligan and encourage everyone you know to do the same. I know that she is the best and most qualified person to keep us safe and the person we can be most proud of to be our chief law enforcement officer. I know what it takes to lead with integrity. Meagan Galligan has the right stuff; Frank LaBuda does not.

Steve Lungen
Monticello, NY

‘Jen accomplished an impressive amount’

I first met Jen Metzger when her three boys enrolled in the gymnastics gym I ran. In-person, she is warm and easygoing; at the time, I was unaware of the warrior side of her nature, nor her long and inspiring resume of political service.

Jen accomplished an impressive amount during her first term in our State Senate—including (but certainly not limited to) sponsoring 21 bipartisan bills that were signed into law. With the momentum of her first term at her back, it only stands to reason that her second term will see a further uptick of concrete steps to protect small businesses (especially local farms), ease property taxes and promote excellence in our public school systems.

Jen’s history in town politics continues to inform her decisions going forward at the state level. She is exactly the advocate we, the residents of the Hudson Valley, need.

Richard Condon
Gardiner, NY

Support Mike Martucci for State Senate

I enthusiastically support Mike Martucci for State Senate.  As a lifelong resident of the area, Mike and his wife, Erin, are raising their family here and I know he is running for all of the right reasons. Mike and Erin have a charitable foundation from which they support so many local not-for-profit organizations. Mike has also created hundreds of local jobs and brings fresh ideas to Albany at a time they are critically needed.

Like so many of us, Mike is fighting against the dangerous bail reform laws that his opponent Sen. Jen Metzger calls “just and protective.” Each day, there are new stories of spiking drug overdoses and these dangerous new laws that Metzger supports turn drug dealers right back out on the streets. The opioid epidemic in our region has been fueled by Metzger’s dangerous policies.

I will be supporting Mike Martucci for State Senate, and I hope you will consider supporting him as well—he is, without question, the best person for the job!

Heidi Carnevali
Warwick, NY

Supporting Meagan Galligan for DA

As a lifelong Republican, I have predominantly supported Republican candidates. However, on November 3, I, along with my family, will support who we know to be the best candidate for Sullivan County District Attorney. That candidate is currently Sullivan County’s Acting District Attorney, Meagan Galligan.

Galligan’s opponent is a longtime registered Democrat who changed his party affiliation only after realizing that his own party would not support his nomination as the Democratic candidate. Instead, the Democratic party of Sullivan County has chosen Galligan, the best candidate.

While I have respect for former Judge Labuda and am thankful for his service, I will not support his questionable attempt to become our next DA. I easily made that decision at the Republican Nominating Convention earlier this year, not just because the committee members present overwhelmingly chose acting DA Galligan over former Judge Labuda—it was after listening to both candidates speak that night.

Galligan spoke passionately about the importance of the office of the DA and her role as the Chief Assistant DA for the last eight years. She spoke about her plan to combat opioid abuse, maybe the greatest threat to our County even in the midst of a global pandemic! She spoke about the dangers of New York’s recently passed Bail Reform law and how it would (and does) affect the prosecutorial abilities of the DA.

Galligan’s opponent, after carrying a large backpack through the crowd and dropping it on the floor in front of the now somewhat anxious listeners, rambled on about the many decisions (purportedly in some publication contained in the backpack), that he had rendered during his time on the bench. I felt as if I was being lectured as to why he “deserves” to be our next DA and that somehow we owe it to him instead of detailing his plan forward if he were to become our next DA.

Galligan has that plan and has shown me why she will continue to be an aggressive prosecutor representing ALL of us as Sullivan County’s top law enforcement official.

Tom Bose
Youngsville, NY

Message from a Gold Star wife:

As the widow of a Vietnam veteran who took his own life after coming home, I am deeply grateful to Sen. Jen Metzger for the efforts she has made in support of NYS veterans and their families.

Understanding that, of the staggering 22 veteran suicides a day, 70 percent didn’t or couldn’t access VA services, Jen found a time-honored alternative.Vet2Vet is a peer counseling program: Vets bring problems to other vets who’ve walked the walk and speak the language. It’s free, confidential, non-judgmental and, unlike VA, regardless of discharge status.

Jen fought to restore funding for Orange County’s Vet2Vet in the FY2021 state budget and expand to Sullivan and Ulster Counties. She sponsored veterans’ resource fairs throughout her district and helped secure $200,000 in state funding for veteran and military families’ legal support.

Local veterans and advocates recently gathered at Wallkill’s Veterans Memorial Park to endorse Metzger’s reelection campaign. “I don’t know about red or blue. I know Army green,” said Rocky Ortega, Veteran Coalition Coordinator for Sullivan County and a Vietnam veteran. “In ‘nam, we used to say ‘we got your six.’ It meant, ‘we got your back.’ I’m here to say: ‘Jen, we got your six.’”

Jen has had the backs of District 42 veterans since first elected. I wish my husband and I had had someone like Jen in our corner when times got bad. Red, blue and green, let’s vote in November to send Jen Metzger back to Albany!

Penny Coleman
Rosendale, NY

Despicable politics

As we approach Election Day 2020, I would like to show my support for an honorable, honest and sincere politician. I fully support Meagan Galligan for Sullivan County District Attorney! As a friend for several years, I know Meagan has the integrity, honesty and professionalism to be the chief law enforcement officer representing the residents and visitors of our great county.

I will not support the despicable, reprehensible and dishonest actions of former judge Frank Labuda, as my name was one of numerous signatures forged on petitions submitted by Labuda. It wasn’t one name or one page, but many names that appear to have been illegally obtained or simply forged! A county court judge, even a retired county court judge, should be very familiar with the laws, rules and regulations of the election petition process. Petitions were left in restaurants and businesses around Sullivan County unwitnessed while random names were being forged on them. Whether or not former judge Labuda personally forged the signatures, these actions are despicable and most likely illegal. Perhaps that is why all four major party committees support Meagan Galligan and not Frank Labuda.

I give my support, my vote and my friendship to Meagan Galligan: an honest, dedicated and trusted attorney to lead law enforcement as our Sullivan County District Attorney.

Patricia Schmahl
Forestburgh, NY

From the Mid Hudson News:

“The Governor has signed into law two bills sponsored by Senator Jen Metzger (D, Rosendale), chairwoman of the Agriculture Committee... to support family farms.

One law ensures farmers negatively affected by COVID-19 do not lose their agricultural property tax assessments due to reduced sales.

The second law, signed in time for the fall holiday season, provides marketing assistance to promote products widely used in holiday celebrations that are produced by farms in New York.”

We need to reelect Sen. Jen Metzger to protect our farmers and ourselves.

Please vote November 3: your life and food may depend on it!

Tim Hunter
Gardiner, NY

Supporting Meagan Galligan

I have had the privilege of serving as Town Justice in the Town of Tusten for 16 years before retiring in 2018.

During that time, several assistant district attorneys were assigned to my court. One of the ADA’s was Meagan Galligan. She was always very well prepared, prompt and quietly and effectively performed her duties. I was extremely impressed with her representation of the district attorney’s
office. Because of my positive professional association with Meagan Gilligan, I am voting for and strongly supporting her for Sullivan County District Attorney. I respectfully ask that others consider doing the same.

Thomas H. Nuttycombe
Town of Tusten Justice, retired

Metzger fights lyme disease

Far too many residents of the Mid-Hudson have suffered from one of the great ironies of living here: As we enjoy the benefits of the beautiful outdoors, we circulate in the epicenter of Lyme disease. In our own yards, our parks, our hiking trails, we must be vigilant about checking for ticks and getting treatment when we experience symptoms. Those who have had tick-borne diseases know how hard it has been to get medical recognition of the problem and to gain public support for research and therapies.

We’ve been fortunate, then, to have Sen. Jen Metzger fighting for our health. In her position as chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, she has sponsored legislation that directs the Commissioners of Agriculture and Health to manage a public education campaign focused on the risks to farmworkers and animals of Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, in addition to prevention methods and treatments. Also, Metzger—herself diagnosed with Lyme five times—successfully fought in 2019 and 2020 to restore $250,000 in funding for public education, prevention and treatments. Premier New York research institutions such as the Cary Institute, Cornell Cooperative Extension, SUNY Stonybrook and the Columbia Medical Center’s Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Research Center no doubt recognize Metzger as a champion of their efforts.

Throughout her career in local and state politics, Metzger has made protecting the environment one of her highest goals. In her fight against Lyme disease, she has brought together two vital quality-of-life concerns: our natural resources and our health.

Tom Denton
Highland, NY

‘The whole point of democracy’

I’ve volunteered on Election Day for years now, helping voters exercise their constitutional rights. When I answer voter protection hotlines or help fellow citizens overcome logistical hurdles to casting votes, I never ask which candidate the person supports. Americans—and New Yorkers, in particular, I believe—are not supposed to agree on all the issues; but we must ensure that every person with the right to vote has a fair and equal chance of having their voice heard in local races, up in Albany, and down in Washington, D.C.

That’s why I’m looking forward to casting my vote (during the early voting period that starts on October 24th) for Sen. Jen Metzger. I know she’s done a lot of environmental work and supports small businesses, like the one my husband runs from our home. But I am especially pleased to see how she has advanced legislation to expand upstate voting hours, make it easier for New Yorkers to vote during the COVID period, and assist young people in casting their first ballots as soon as they’re legally able to do so. It’s hard to imagine how any elected official could oppose these measures with a straight face. That’s the whole point of democracy. And since Metzger is an advocate for real democratic values, I’m a proud supporter.

Barbara Graves-Poller
New Paltz, NY

Martucci, Metzger, Galligan, Labuda, Sullivan County


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