River Muse
I’m running

As if being a new grandmother weren’t compelling enough, I have taken on a new occupation. I’m running for office as a member of the Tusten Town Board.  It wasn’t my idea, …

A morbid fascination

I am reluctant to admit my fascination with the murder trial going on in South Carolina. I listen on my earbuds, connected to YouTube on my phone while walking along the river flats. It is a …

The riptide

As a child, my one consuming fear was a tsunami. I don’t know when I first heard of the huge tidal wave that could decimate an entire island, but it still has the same effect on me when I think of it. My chest draws in and my breath gets short. I can see it make a tide pool of the beach, disappearing the waves until an unimaginably huge wave starts rising up from a half-mile out to sea and grows larger, as large as a 10-story building, until it crashes over me and everything.