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Mr. Henderson claims the Russian election interference conspiracy has been proven to be false. That is not true. Multiple investigations by US intelligence and the Republican led US Senate (which published a written report, easily found by searching "senate confirm Russian interference 2016 election") concluded just the opposite:

"The [Senate] committee spent more than three years...investigating Russia's the 2016 election. They reviewed more than a million documents, documents that were provided by U.S. spy agencies as well as documents that were provided by witnesses. They also interviewed witnesses - hundreds of them, including a lot of familiar names - Donald Trump Jr., former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort but also former Obama administration officials.

[T]he committee concludes that Russia conducted a sophisticated and aggressive campaign to influence the U.S. election to help Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton and that folks on Team Trump were more than happy to accept help from the Russians. But what's really important about that conclusion is that it is a bipartisan one. It is endorsed by both Democrats and Republicans."

From: Who's really ruining this country? And more

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