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April 21, 2015
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Opting out of Common Core

There are some highly respected educators locally and across the country who believe that the Common Core Education Standards that have been adopted by New York and many other states are good for the future of the students. The standards were created with the goal of improving critical thinking among students, more fully preparing students for college and helping students compete against other students on the international stage.  Read more

By Margaret Dietrich and Marianne Ofenloch

Recently, a gathering of Pike County residents heard about the state of poverty in our area, when Todd Behr, professor of economics at East Stroudsburg University, spoke at St. Patrick’s Church Hall at the invitation of the Social Justice Committee of the Five Catholic Parishes of Pike County. Behr’s presentation focused especially on a group known today as the working poor.

In 2012, 46.5 million people (15% of the U.S. population)...

Like many of those who live in our community, we spend much time and money commuting great distances to either work, doctor appointments or shopping for basic necessities. We have come to accept certain tradeoffs living in such a rural area. We rely upon personal transportation to get us to those destinations. We pay our taxes to local, county and state governments, with the expectation that services for health, safety and protection will be provided. It is with those expectations and the...