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December 03, 2016
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Town of Delaware to host two races

By Robert Dorn
April 23, 2014

HORTONVILLE, NY — At the Delaware town meeting on April 9, two summer street race events were approved. First, on June 22, there will be a 5k run/walk down River Road. Second, on July 20 there will be an Aware Youth Center 10k River Race with road closure on July 20.

Stefanie Johnson of Ridgeback Sports in Callicoon and Dana Hawk, president of the Sullivan County SPCA, addressed the board about the June 22 race. The race will help raise funds for spaying and neutering pit bulls with the hope of reducing the number of unwanted pit bulls. The race was approved by resolution.

The Callicoon Fire Department and Delaware Youth Center received permission from the town to close one lane on the interstate bridge between New York and Pennsylvania at Callicoon on July 20.

In other resolutions, the board approved the audit from Susan Peters of Cooper Arias, LLP, and approved one to allow William Eschenberg, the highway superintendent, to roll over the 2012 stone bid.

Councilwoman Cindy Herbert has applied for a Preserve New York grant, to perform a cultural survey of Callicoon to determine areas for historic districts. The grant for the Preserve New York application is due May 5, and there was a meeting with a consultant on April 10, which Supervisor Ed Sykes also attended. The board voted to authorize Herbert to proceed with the grant application.

Jim Reed of Reed Systems in Grahamsville presented a demonstration of his slurry system for treating roads in the winter, and submitted data on salt costs and the loss of salt’s melting capability as the temperature falls below 30°F. He said the salt loses its value and becomes much less effective as the temperature drops, and treating the salt with a mixture that he sells will make the salt go much further and save the town money.

The slurry is a mix of calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. Reed said some customers were saving 40% on overtime costs. He also suggested that if the town equipped the 2004 truck for $65,000, it could bond and pay over five years at $12,500/year and would see much more savings. Eschenberg feels it will work and save money. Supervisor Sykes suggested the highway department committee (councilmen Al Steppich and Harold Roeder) look into the matter and report back to the board.