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Getting Sullivan to look west

By David Hulse
October 16, 2013

Addressing a complaint almost as old as the county, Lumberland Supervisor Nadia Rajsz said she is looking for public input in proposing upgraded services for what is traditionally referred to as “the western end of the county,” generally that includes the southern and westerly towns bordering the Delaware River.

Reporting to the town board on October 9, Rajsz spoke of her efforts on the Sullivan County Economic Steering Committee.

She said help is needed with topics including tourism, transportation and health services.

“What do we have here?” she asked, speaking of health services. “… one hospital, which is really being dismantled, and a few small centers in Monticello.”

As for dental services, “How do you get them without a car?” she asked.

“What kind of activities do we have for children?” she added.

“The western end is truly different from the east and (county officials) seem to forget that the west exists, except for my big mouth,” she said.

Asking for public input she said, “What would you like to see… What do you want? If you have insights, bring them to me… I’m all ears for suggestions,” she said.

Rajsz can be contacted through Christina Shablovsky, the supervisor’s confidential assistant at 845/856-8600, ext. 221 or at

Although she didn’t include it with her early comments, Rajsz also reported that she has been in touch with Sullivan County Sheriff Michael Schiff’s office several times following resident Darnelle Prunka’s August comments about a serious drug abuse problem in the area. Rajsz had wanted the sheriff to send an officer to a town board meeting to speak about the problem, but she said the department “does not have enough staff,” to spare someone from other duties for the appearance. “Maybe after the elections there will be more time,” she added.

In other business Rajsz reported that budget preparations thus far placed the new amount to be raised at $5,670 below the current year.

The board also affirmed an early resolution that demolition of unsafe structures on Minisink Trail in Mohican Lake are to begin by October 18, unless good cause for an extension is provided, and that should the property owner fail to comply, the town board is authorized to complete the work and assess the expense against the land.

The board approved three F.O.B. (undelivered) low bids for winter anti-skid sand, including 209 Material LLC, Woodbourne Lawn & Garden, and Monticello Black Top Corp.