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December 07, 2016
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No tax hike in Shohola

October 17, 2012

Again, the new budget for Shohola Township will not contain a budget increase. The millage rate will stand at 9.25 for the township and 1.75 for the fire department, as was the case last year.

The two costs that went up were workmen’s compensation, which has an increase of $8,000 and a 23% increase in fuel costs.
“Fuel costs are off the charts,” said George C. Fluhr, chairman of the township supervisors. “I see it in my own business which is encountering the same increase—23%.”

Total expenditures in the new budget will be $838,833. Last year, the figure was $799.613. The tax levy last year brought in $532,473. The tax revenue for the new budget will be $523,250. The township receives money from various sources including almost $206,000 from the state, revenue from permits and charges for service. The budget surplus, called “assets,” in the budget document for next year, is $147,600. It was the same figure in last year’s budget.

As for raises for employees, Diana Blume, the township secretary and budget officer, said, “I always put a flat rate of raises if the supervisors elect to give raises,” she said. “If they don’t, it reduces each department’s budget allocation by that amount. Last year, it was three percent, this year it will be five percent. The cost of living increased by four percent.”