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December 05, 2016
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Governor Corbett kayaks down the Delaware; Protestors line both sides of the river

August 24, 2012

THE DELAWARE RIVER – Gas drilling protestors occupied several sites along both sides of the Delaware River on Thursday, August 23 to greet PA governor Tom Corbett with anti-drilling signs and shouting anti-drilling slogans.

With protestors in canoes and kayaks by his flotilla on the river, the governor arrived at the Zane Grey Museum in Lackawaxen to visit the historic site as protestors chanted slogans.

Some of the slogans were: “Once you frack you can’t go back” and “Pollute the water pollute the air Governor Corbett you don’t care.”

The purpose of the governor’s two-day trip was to promote tourism on the river and other tourist sites in northeast PA. Later in the day, the governor visited the Masker Museum at Promised Land State Park.

“He will view recent park improvements and learn about the park’s education programs including a live animal demonstration,” the press release from his office said.

“How dare Governor Corbett attempt to use the Delaware River for his political photo op,” said Maya van Rossum, the Delaware River-keeper. “He has no right to seek political gain from this beautiful river that he has worked so hard to decimate with his bad policies and politicking.”

The Delaware River basin is the source of drinking water for millions of people, including residents of Easton and Philadelphia . “It generates jobs and economic value for the region, it waters the food we eat, it supports the fishing, swimming, boating and birding that are emblematic of the region and which makes the river a world-renowned vacation spot,” she said.

Corbett launched in Narrowsburg, NY. During his trip, Corbett visited the Zane Grey Museum in Lackawaxen, PA and the Masker Museum in Promised Land State Park.