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Multiple DUI offender sentenced; amputee and grandson still recovering

July 11, 2012

Fifty-year-old Ida Campfield of Lake Huntington, NY was sentenced to six to 15 years in prison for a drunk driving offence. Wayne County Judge Raymond Hamill handed down the sentence on July 5 on two felony charges of aggravated assault by a vehicle while driving under the influence (DUI).

Campfield was driving on Route 652, across the river from Narrowsburg, NY, on March 18, when she crashed into a motorcycle, seriously injuring a man and his grandson, who was riding with him.

Campfield had been arrested previously on drunken driving charges and had been released from incarceration the previous November when the crash occurred.

The accident crushed Brad Marchesin’s leg, and it was later amputated. His grandson Todd Bianchi suffered a broken leg, which required repeated surgeries.

After the sentencing, Marchesin’s wife, Donna, reported that, for the first six years of the sentence, there will be no parole possible for Campfield, and for the next nine years, Campfield will have to apply to the parole board every two years if she wants to be released early. Donna said that she plans to show up at every hearing to try to ensure that Campfield serves the full 15 years.

Donna also reported that the judge had read the list of Campfield’s prior convictions, and there were DUI arrests dating back to the 1970s. She said that the two insurance companies involved will provide only about $100,000 worth of coverage for Brad and Bianchi, and that this will come nowhere near to covering the costs of the treatments, though both victims continue to recover.

As of May 30, Bianchi had not been able to return to school because of the injuries, and Brad was still hospitalized. By July 9, Bianchi was no longer using a walker, and Brad was in a wheelchair, staying at a camper the couple owns in Honesdale, PA. The couple no longer can use the home they rent in Narrowsburg because there is no ramp for the wheelchair and the bathroom is upstairs.

Donna said she continues to be very grateful to the people in the region who are helping the family. She said one person sent a check in the mail, writing, “I hope this helps with gas.”