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October 27, 2016
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A right to peace and quiet

By Jim Tindell
June 11, 2014

Those of us who live along the Delaware River near the Lander’s Skinners Falls Campground can certainly empathize with the residents of Bethel and the “Backlash over Mysteryland ‘Noise’” described in The River Reporter’s last issue (June 5-11). For years we have suffered music blaring till early morning hours without any noticeable control. As mentioned by Randy Weinstein, the bass from these events can be deafening. Many times one cannot have dinner outdoors or leave windows open on cool summer nights because of the booming bass and illegal fireworks echoing through the river valley.

We pay our taxes and support our local businesses 12 months of the year and are happy that the Delaware Valley is considered a wonderful recreational spot for all to come and enjoy. But, in order to enjoy the Delaware, is it necessary to play amplified music from early morning till late at night? What does this have to do with a National Scenic and Recreational Area, other than to disturb its precious wildlife and the enjoyment of those who come here for a pleasant experience? Others have as much right to peace and quiet as the partiers have to their “noise.” One can find repeated complaints in online reviews from campers who tried to have a peaceful weekend at Skinners Falls only to be thwarted by their rude neighbors. This kind of publicity doesn’t support our tourist trade. If the Lander’s Skinner’s Falls Campground didn’t have the reputation of being “the wild, party campground,” it would most likely draw a much larger crowd and bring even more business to the area.

Under the Town of Cochecton Law, Chapter 240 Article 5 (240-27) Supplemental Regulation, Recreational Vehicles, Campgrounds, and RV Parks, clearly states in section 14, “No noxious or offensive activities or nuisances shall be permitted within any campground or RV park. Such nuisances shall include, but not be limited to excessive noise... which would cause impacts beyond the property line. Responsibility for meeting such requirements shall extend to occupants of campground or RV park campsites, as well as owners and operators.”

Those running the campground are either unaware or do not care that we have been fortunate enough to have nesting bald eagles in the valley surrounding the campground. In fact, one pair is located directly across from the falls and is seen year round in this area.