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December 04, 2016
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Talking climate change and sustainability

June 4, 2014

EPA safeguards against carbon pollution from existing power plants are essential for the war against pollution and the quest for sustainable green-energy solutions. Big oil and gas are spending money hand over fist to mislead us into thinking that we cannot solve the climate crises. I urge you to discuss alternatives to gas and oil as much as possible and with as many as possible. There seems to be a general understanding about this in our younger generations, but even so there are many local venues to share the good work. For example, Northeastern Pennsylvania has a community-owned, clean-energy cooperative. There is also a group called SEEDS, short for Sustainable Energy Education and Development. SEEDS is a community-based organization in Northeastern Pennsylvania committed to developing a local renewable energy infrastructure and promoting more sustainable living in our area. The commitment that we show to each other and our natural resources here in this region will pay off for us and for our future generations.

David Falvo
Honesdale, PA