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December 04, 2016
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A veteran remembered

November 6, 2013

Every Veterans’ Day I pay tribute to my nephew Jacob, a son, a brother, a U.S. Marine and most of all an American hero. This Veterans’ Day I am deeply saddened in our nation and what is becoming of it. The American flag was a symbol of who we once were—a great nation.

The flag stands for our history that built this nation and the many lives that were lost doing so. I thought we were governed by a democracy in a free nation; freedom of religion, of speech, of rights and thoughts, too.

We must remember back to our school days, when we recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag; we were making a promise to the government of the United States to treat people fairly and give freedom. I can only hope that our government recites the Pledge of Allegiance daily. That pledge means a promise, and an allegiance means loyalty.

In memory of LCPL Jacob Walter Beisel, USMC (9/27/1984-3/31/2006)

Tina Augello
Hawley, PA