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Police blotter: cruel and unusual?

October 23, 2013

People have the right to know about arrests and crimes in their communities. But TRR goes too far.

By naming and showing the pictures of those arrested, TRR publicly shames those who are innocent until proven guilty. That can only fuel the stress and social ostracism of the accused at precisely the moment when level-headedness and support are needed most by all involved: the victims, the accused, their families and friends, their communities, law enforcement and the courts.

What is the purpose of this public shaming? If it’s to provide a few readers with a moment of cruel enjoyment at seeing others’ misfortunes, then that is at odds with how we want to see ourselves, especially when you consider the cost to the accused.

Wouldn’t it be sufficient for the police blotter to specify the town, date, arresting authority, charges and number of people arrested?

Please change the police blotter so that it is a report of crimes and number of arrests, and lose the naming and public shaming of those who have been arrested and who are, by law, innocent until proven guilty.

Paul Hindes
Kenoza Lake, NY