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October 27, 2016
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Egg on their faces

August 2, 2012

So the Wall trial is over before it began. The pre-trial hearing came off with all the excitement of a deflating balloon. Some scheduled to testify dropped out, while the majority of witnesses gave the Walls glowing reports. Charges of extortion and unlawful letting of contracts were thrown out. In the end, there wasn’t a case worth trying, and Mr. Fluhr and Mr. Hoeper now sit with egg on their faces.

How often we heard them say about this investigation, “It’s going to be big—you’ll see.” Just a few months ago they were proudly telling the press it was they who had brought the issue to the attention of the district attorney.

When this circus began, I stated at a township meeting that, in this country, we don’t convict people before they’ve had their day in court, and that our supervisors were either incompetent, or didn’t care enough about the township that they could so callously tear the people of Shohola apart in order to accomplish their goal. I asked for their resignations.

How you go about doing something can be as important as what you do. I’ve tried many times to get that point across concerning this issue, but Mr. Hoeper, Mr. Fluhr, and even a former supervisor all told me “this was the only way we could do it.” I’ve come to learn that’s not so. There were other more effective ways the situation could have been addressed.

In the end, this investigation led only to Mr. Fluhr and Mr. Hoeper’s political gain, with all charges dropped, and a remaining division in the township that will take years to mend.

I can only hope our new supervisor is a more thoughtful, level-headed person capable of transparency and diplomacy, because Shohola deserves better.

Shirley Masuo
Shohola, PA