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Confused about Dexter

June 7, 2012

After reading the glowing profile of Damascus Township Board Supervisor, Jeffrey Dexter, in the latest newsletter of the Upper Delaware Council, one would think Mr. Dexter a person of indisputable standards with the community and environmental concerns being his foremost priority. Excuse me, I’m confused: however can this possibly be the one and same Jeffrey Dexter who, along with other members of his Damascus Board of Supervisors, have signed leases for hydraulic fracturing, or fracking? To the lay person, this business venture clearly demonstrates a conflict of interest for Dexter and his boys. The honorable and appropriate response on their part would be to resign. However, they seem to think they are entitled to enhance and better themselves at the expense of those they were elected to represent. One wonders why there isn’t more public outcry from this abuse of power and influence?

Although to a lesser degree, Dexter displayed the same indifference to the local residents of Beach Lake during his mock approval process of the Beach Lake cell tower. In spite of numerous other viable alternative locations available on Mr. Barbe’s massive acreage, and with little interest in the local taxpayers’ valid concerns and opposition, Dexter turned a blind eye and expeditiously rammed his personal project though—the locals be dammed.

I continue to question how our local citizens repeatedly elect such self-serving individuals. Arrogance and greed apparently exist on the home front as well as in Washington, DC. Let’s clean up our own backyard and stop rewarding and reelecting these pols whose devious policies are detrimental to the well being of our community.

Hal Wilson
Beach Lake, PA