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Hoeper declines CFOG invitation

May 12, 2011

As chairperson of Citizens for Open Government (CFOG), I am disappointed that Supervisor Hoeper has declined the invitation to our May 9 Meet the Candidates for Shohola Supervisor event. His rejection, submitted in the form of a letter to the editor in last week’s TRR, was clearly crafted more to vilify and defame our organization than to offer a cordial, “No thank you.”

Mr. Hoeper alleged that our membership’s sole purpose is to reinstate the Walls to the positions they held prior to his appointment. He is incorrect. We recognize that reinstatement would exacerbate the open wound that has torn at the fiber of our township.

Mr. Hoeper argued that the evening’s facilitator is an acquaintance of mine. He is not. He was chosen for his background in community work and, as a non-Shohola resident, is less given to Mr. Hoeper’s charge of bias and partiality.

Contrary to Mr. Hoeper’s belief, Ms. Masuo and Mr. Dellert are not CFOG-endorsed and are not, and never have been, members of our organization.

Mr. Hoeper asserted that our Meet the Candidates event was “arranged to prohibit reasonable objectivity.” He omitted that his invitation outlined procedures to ensure decorum and objectivity. The “antics” he referred to would be an embarrassment for our members, our candidates, and most of all Shohola.

Every point made by Mr. Hoeper is arguable, but in the limited space of this rebuttal, suffice to say that CFOG can think of no better way to support the democratic process than by providing Shohola’s citizens an opportunity to meet, hear and question each candidate before casting their ballots on May 17. I hope that Mr. Hoeper will have reconsidered and joined his constituents and fellow candidates for a pleasant and informative Meet the Candidates evening by the time you read this letter.

Glyn Eisenhauer
Citizens for Open Government Chair
Shohola, PA


Anyone who has been to the Shohola Twp. meetings and has any sense knows that CFOG has been against Greg Hoeper from it's inception. In fact if I recall correctly, Mr Hoeper and the new administration where the reason they organized in the first place, with one of their stated goals being the reinstatement of those who where dismissed. And even now with all the revelations that have surfaced, and those yet to come, vindicating Mr Hoeper and everything he's said and done, they still cannot bring themselves to acknowledge or give him any credit for it. When they say they don't support any particular candidate, and are not against Mr. Hoeper or the current administration, I would sure like to know when that policy change took place. I have seen no indication of that.

Gary Hoeper