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October 23, 2016
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Zero-based budgeting just makes sense

April 21, 2011

I’m one of those Shohola taxpayers who tuned out of following our local government when a few public officials decided to burn their energy on nonsensical personal wars and circulating rumors rather than ensuring the welfare of Shohola.

Now I’m tuning back in, after reading the recent letter to the editor from Brad Dellert, candidate for Shohola Township Supervisor. His call for zero-based budgeting to develop the township’s annual budget is an encouraging sign that someone is really thinking about the welfare and future of Shohola and taxpayers’ wallets.

Dellert’s idea to develop each year’s budget from the ground up is precisely the type of pro-active, pro-taxpayer action that those entrusted with our tax dollars should be offering. By forcing a close look at all significant items in the budget, it should keep Shohola from wasting funds on projects and activities, it should encourage a discussion of the pros and cons of these projects and activities undertaken in the township. Dellert is the first township politician in my memory to campaign on something more than tired old platitudes. It’s refreshing to hear that someone has a specific plan on how to improve local government and benefit Shohola citizens. Starting each year’s budget from scratch, means justifying each and every expense.

Although it will take more work on the part of the supervisors, it should get us, the taxpayers, more involved. As a taxpayer, I like that—a lot. It makes profound sense. And, Dellert is right. It’s just simple common sense.

Mr. Dellert has my attention.

David Klaer
Shohola, PA