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Time for a change in Shohola

March 17, 2011

For too many years I sat back and observed how small town governments made decisions. I chose to be on the sidelines because it was simpler—but no more can I idly stand by. I know now that, truly, ignorance is bliss, but there is no bliss in your life when you attend a supervisors’ meeting in the once peaceful township of Shohola.

Since George Fluhr became a supervisor and Greg Hoeper was selected to replace Steve Dellert, there has been dissatisfaction among residents. Formerly the supervisors’ meetings were sparsely attended. Now, and for the past year, the supervisors meet before a packed house. Why? Because we are being supervised by a government broken by unfairness, false rumors, unanswered questions and the denial of requests.

The sudden firings of loyal residents who gave countless volunteer hours to our township shocked all who were present. Residents who requested informational meetings on gas drilling and on township ordinances were denied or blocked. Despite an outcry by concerned citizens and fire department volunteers, Mr. Hoeper and Mr. Fluhr have given nothing more than lip service and criticism to a financially ailing fire department.

Mr. Fluhr and Mr. Hoeper continually obstruct and disregard Mrs. Wall, the third elected supervisor, causing a severe and lasting split in our community. Urging by citizens to repair and heal the split has fallen on the deaf ears of Mr. Hoeper and Mr. Fluhr. In fact, they continually add fuel to the fire and have done nothing to help repair and heal the split.

To be sure, Shohola is in trouble if things don’t change. We, the residents of Shohola, will be given a voice in the upcoming election. Please be certain that you know what’s going on and be at the polls on May 17.

Nancy Eisenhauer
Shohola, PA

Nancy, I can not wait until

I can not wait until your eyes open enough to see what's going on. You're going to feel like such a fool. You think Grand Jury's are summoned for any ole little thing? How can one be so ignorant when the information is right in front of your eyes. Maybe if you spent less time requesting ridiculous amounts of nonsense ( merely to make your town officials look incompetent, sneaky little you) you'd actually learn a thing or two. We are dealing with truly evil and corrupt people here, and oh how they can deceive. Don't be deceived, Nancy, brighten up. Investigations for such matters take time and secrecy. So, until the cats out, hold your thoughts, or your going to look even more foolish when the truth is out.