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Letter to Carol Collier of the DRBC

March 17, 2011

The Delaware River Basin Commission [DRBC] already has had the inestimable benefit of my previous verbal and written comments on its drafting of regulations for the gas drilling industry. Pitfalls still may abound, but we are assured that we are in good hands at the DRBC.

Of course, we have other champions, hard at work insuring responsive government. Former Governor Ridge of Pennsylvania no doubt works tirelessly for the people of Pennsylvania, having had his economic concerns allayed by a near-million-dollar annual champion’s fee from the gas industry.

Yet, actually, perhaps there is one unprogrammed gratuity that the DRBC can provide to our other champions. We all have seen how The New York Times has made it clear that gas companies are unfettered by law and government oversight. The Times also has made it clear that gas companies can and do offload radioactive waste water into the sources of drinking water for people in Pennsylvania, New York and the Chesapeake Bay. Now, would we all not benefit from the DRBC making certain that such radioactive wastewater somehow finds its way into the homes of former governors Ridge and Rendell, and Governor Corbett? There’s nothing like our governor/champions having a certain glow about them, enabling them to stand out in any gas crowd beyond what might be accomplished by just their compelling petards.

Of course, on second thought, these champions of the people, along with all the politicians who have lined up at the gas companies’ feeding trough, probably are receiving regular deliveries, courtesy of the criminal polluters, of bottled drinking water from Maine.

Please tell us, then, why we who are about to be poisoned should be expected to salute you at the DRBC?

James F. Hill
Starlight, PA