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Three Gunther Bills Signed Into Law by Governor

July 22, 2011

Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther (D, C - Forestburgh) announced today that three bills recently sent to Governor Cuomo for his action have been signed into law. Gunther passed 17 two-house bills during this past legislative session. Two have already been acted earlier this year. Today’s action by the Governor will improve the safety of our judges and streamline healthcare practices.

The bills signed today are:
Chapter 148 of 2011: Establishes the crimes of menacing and assault on a judge (A409).
Chapter 149 of 2011: Allows Physician Assistants to perform biennial exams of bus drivers (A475).
Chapter 153 of 2011: Allows Nurse Practitioners to sign death certificates (A1747).

“I am very pleased Governor Cuomo agreed that this legislation is needed,” said Gunther. “Of course protecting our civil servants is a priority but I am also dedicated to finding ways to improve healthcare delivery and give those professionals in the field the ability to do their jobs better.”

Chapter 148 which establishes the crimes of menacing and assault on a judge is the result of the attack on Judge Harold Bauman in the Village of Liberty. The law makes it a class C felony to assault a judge.

Chapter 149 expands the list of professionals who can perform the biennial exams which are required for bus drivers to include Physician Assistants. This reflects the changing nature of healthcare delivery since Physician Assistants have become more prevalent caregivers.

Chapter 153 expands the list of professionals who can sign death certificates to include Nurse Practitioners. Again, this reflects the changes in healthcare delivery where Nurse Practitioners are providing their services in both medical offices and hospitals.