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April 02, 2015
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Pets with seizures

Seizures in any creature can be very frightening for bystanders. A seizure is any degree of involuntary muscle and nerve activity. Seizure activity is organized in three categories: generalized, partial and psychomotor seizures. Generalized is the most common type of seizure in animals, where the entire body is typically ridged and can even have episodes of rapid relaxation and rigidity, called tonic clonic motion. A partial seizure is typically isolated to a single portion of the body such as the face; however, these can then progress to generalized seizures.  Read more

Kitten season

What is “kitten season” you ask? It is the time of year when the warmer weather and longer days send un-spayed female cats into their heat cycle. Once the heat cycle begins, a female cat will become very affectionate and vocal in an effort to attract a mate. This behavior will bring the male cats a runnin’ from near and far to answer her call. A female cat can go into her first heat as young as five months of age and from early spring until fall she can go into heat every three weeks if she is not bred.  Read more

Dog with 33-pound tumor

In February, I went on a house call in Monticello to examine a dog named Georgia (“Georgie”). She had a large tumor the owners wanted me to look at. When I first examined Georgia I was in complete amazement at the size of the tumor that encompassed nearly all of the left side of her body. The Wuerthner family has cared for Georgia since she was a puppy and in the past two years the mass had grown at a very rapid rate. Local veterinarians had examined Georgia, but many said there was nothing to be done.  Read more

Ticks and dogs

Well, it looks like spring has finally sprung, and after this long, cold winter I for one am glad and am looking forward to getting out and doing some hiking with the dogs. Each season has its own potential dangers for dogs that are out and about, and with the warming up of the earth comes the awakening of the ticks. Once the ground thaws, ticks emerge in search of warm-blooded animals for their next meal. Oftentimes, that meal is our dog and even possibly us. Ugh!  Read more

The scent of spring

It’s been a long, cold, snowy winter, but now spring is in the air, and as the days get longer and the warm air melts the snow, many of the creatures that have remained hidden over the winter are making their presence known. Hungry from their long winter’s nap, skunks and porcupines are now actively searching for easy food sources such as compost piles and trash cans.  Read more

The lost toy

All young animals get into trouble; it doesn’t matter if it’s a dog, a cat, a parrot, a goat, or a calf. With their naturally curious nature, they like to investigate, and this often leads them to get into trouble, including eating things they shouldn’t. Some of the typical things that animals will ingest include clothing, strings, ropes, bones, rocks and toys. By luck, if an animal ingests a foreign object, they may pass it without complication. However, there is also the unfortunate chance when the ingested item can cause a complete obstruction.  Read more

Chewy dog toys: Not just for teething

Sully is almost five months old now. He is growing by leaps and bounds. He has also started teething—in full force.  Read more

Training in real life

There’s a new puppy at our house! Yep, going against all of the recommendations that the holidays are not a good time for a new pet, I did just that. On Thanksgiving morning, I made the trek to Syracuse, NY to pick up this newest member of our canine crew. Sully was just eight weeks old when I brought him home.  Read more

Humane Society of Port Jervis and Deerpark announce date for Paw Jam

PORT JERVIS, NY — The Humane Society of Port Jervis and Deerpark have announced a date for Paw Jam, a dinner and dance event to be held February 15 at The Erie Trackside Manor. Paw Jam will feature a live band and a small raffle of unique opportunities and items. Raffle items are currently being donated by businesses in the area.  Read more

New session of dog obedience classes to begin

SHOHOLA, PA — A new session of classes will begin with orientation, Monday, January 13 at 7 p.m. at the Tri-State Dog Obedience Club (TSDOC) facility at Shohola Business Center, Rte 6. TSDOC offers a wide variety of classes, held days and evenings, Monday to Friday. Registration prior to orientation is recommended. For a schedule of classes and times, and an application form, visit or call 570/296-5594 and leave a message with your address.

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