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Artist Bernard Solco is leaving New York City for the next stage of life


NEW YORK — It wasn’t one particular incident that drove New York City-based artist Bernard Solco to think hard about leaving the city for the country. It was changes piling on and realizing that the city he loved wasn’t the place for him anymore.

He missed nature. He missed solitude. And though he’s far from elderly, Solco looked at the future and thought it was time for something different.

“I don’t want to be in New York City anymore. I’m very disenchanted,” he said. Costs “are so inflated, it’s an unstable environment, it’s a hostile environment. It can be a bit overwhelming.” Even for someone like Solco, who has lived in the city for many years.

“All the different energies clash... I’m not putting it down, that’s what makes New York City New York City. But I want nature.”

Solco is well familiar with Sullivan County; he first lived in Livingston Manor as a teenager and even worked at Grossinger’s in the early ‘80s. “Manor’s a very magical place,” he said. “Parksville, up in the hills. Roscoe is breathtaking. I love Sullivan County; I really want to go back.”

And breathe again.

See Solco’s work and contact him through his website at www.bernardsolco.com.


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