‘The best choices [are] obvious’ and more

Letters to the editor October 29 to November 4

Posted 10/28/20

Letters to the editor October 29 to November 4

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‘The best choices [are] obvious’ and more

Letters to the editor October 29 to November 4


An endorsement that deserves our attention

I think that, usually, political endorsements are rather worthless. A case in point would be the President's endorsement of the disgraced politician Roy Moore. This year, however, there is a difference. I don't believe that there has ever (at least in the last 100 years) been a time when so many prominent members of an incumbent's party have publicly endorsed their party's opponent. Of course, the most notable of these are probably General Mattis, General Kelly, John Bolton and Rex Tillerson, all appointed by President Trump and all who have described how the President is not up to the job. The statement that really caught my attention, however, was that of former Republican Governor and head of Homeland Security Thomas Ridge. Ridge stated that, for the first time in his life, he was voting for a Democrat for President. He stated that he was doing so because he believed that Donald Trump was unfit to be President. When someone as respected as Ridge takes such a position it deserves our attention. I would think that, if I were a Trump supporter, it would tend to make me think that just maybe these people have a point that should be considered.

   Ed McNulty
   Beach Lake, PA

‘And the truth shall set you free.’ — John 8:32

There has been more than 20,000 documented lies that President Donald Trump has told since becoming president. Apparently, many Trump supporters simply defend these lies because, in their view, all politicians lie. Really? The simple, indisputable fact is that never in the history of our country has any politician lied as much as this president. Where is the check from Mexico with their payment for his infamous wall? Where is the outrage when his good buddy, Russian president Vladimir Putin, put a bounty on American soldiers? Where are his tax returns that he has promised so many times that would absolutely disprove the New York Times articles detailing his failings as a businessman and his ongoing tax fraud? Where are his lawsuits against the 20-plus women he promised to sue over their claims of his sexual misconduct? (Have we really already forgotten the Access Hollywood tape where he brags about groping women, and what about the checks he sent to pay off porn star Stormy Davis?) The endless lies just go on and on and on!     

But nothing compares with his continuous lying about the coronavirus where he constantly tells his base that it is all going away by November 4, the day after the election. His total incompetence on handling the virus, his constant disregard for the health and safety of his own supporters by holding rallies with little attention to his own taskforce recommendations of wearing masks and social distancing, has already cost hundreds of thousands of needless deaths and hundreds of thousands in the future. This is what happens when we elect a president who has no regard for the truth. Nothing defines the difference between Joe Biden and President Trump more than this basic attribute of character. Can our country really stand another four more years of Trump’s divisive behavior based on lie after lie? Truly, the truth shall set you free, only if we use our vote to rid us of this man who has disgraced his office. Only then can we return to basic decency.

Truly make America great again by voting for Joe Biden for president.

Dr. Robert J. McCallum, Ph. D.
Milford, PA

Voting for unity

As Election Day approaches, we need to think about the ramifications of our vote.  Recent polls indicate the number one concern of the American people is COVID-19. On Sunday, President Trump’s White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows confirmed the Trump administration had given up on controlling the virus. This means we are all on our own. Trump continues to downplay the virus as thousands continue to die each day.  Is this the person we want to give four more years to? Other countries have leaders who actually lead, uniting their people to come together for the common good. We have a leader who seeks to divide us. Of course, he denies this saying he wears a mask and encourages others to do the same. But the facts do not support his words. Actually, he mocks those who wear masks and rarely wears one himself. Even after contracting and overcoming the virus with experimental drugs not available to average Americans, Trump continues to undermine the medical experts’ advice to wear a mask, social distance, avoid crowds and stay home. Joe Biden, on the other hand, listens to science and the medical experts. His campaigns are small and are usually held in drive in theatres with attendees in their cars. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are rarely seen without masks. They send a message of unity and model what we have to do to overcome this! No one loves wearing a mask, but as the clothing designer Kevin Cole said recently in an interview, “wearing a mask is better than wearing a ventilator”.

To me the choice is clear, I’ll be voting for the team whose objective is to protect the American public! That team is Biden/Harris!!

Jane Creteau
Lakeville, PA

‘Humble and hardworking’

As a local mother, cofounder and task force member of Climate Smart Gardiner, and a member of the Ulster County Climate Smart Committee, I am tremendously thankful to live in a community that is represented by Sen. Jen Metzger.

First off, Jen is one of the most down-to-earth, humble and hardworking people you will ever meet. When you speak with her, you know she cares about your concerns and that she and her staff will make every effort to address those concerns. My own experience with Jen starts from when she helped our little Climate Smart Gardiner committee get off the ground. This was before she ran for State Senate, and our conversations at the time were encouraging and informative.

After Jen became a State Senator, she graciously attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Gardiner’s recently installed Charging Station, and not only did she show her support by attending the event, she also demonstrated how to charge her EV at the charging station. Jen recognizes how important it is that New Yorkers transition to electrified transportation in the coming years if we are to make any significant reduction in NY’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Jen is facing a very tight race, and if you care about the issue of climate change, you cannot ask for a better leader. I hope you will join me and vote to reelect Sen. Jen Metzger.

Kim Mayer
Gardiner, NY

Metzger’s support comes from the people

Although reports on campaign financing don’t always predict poll numbers of a given political race, they can often give a sense of which way the wind is blowing. Third-quarter results issued by the New York State Board of Elections show that the campaign of Sen. Jen Metzger brought in 1,095 contributions, a high total among NY Senate candidates. Her opponent for District 42, Mike Martucci, generated 268 contributions. Support from their state party organizations shows a similar imbalance. State political parties, with access to good data, typically invest money where they believe they have a better shot at winning.

Throughout the election cycle, Martucci, a wealthy individual, has regularly loaned his campaign money, currently a total of $300,000.

Do constituents of District 42 want a Senator whom regular people support with their dollars, or an opponent trying to buy a seat with bucks from his own bank?

Tom Denton
Highland, NY

Support for Jen Metzger for NY State Senate

This letter is in support of Senator Metzger’s reelection as she has championed the hemp industry since 2018 when NY state opened the program. Jen is chairwoman of the Senate’s Agricultural Committee with direct access to the NY state Agricultural Commissioner Richard Ball.

Jen has been advocating for the hemp industry and clarification of rules which were being determined by our regulator, the Department of Ag and Markets. Not only does Jen listen to our concerns and challenges, but with her legislative expertise and lobbying power, she is also able to promote favorable interpretations of these rules and a farmer-friendly agenda that supports local business and employment.

Jen’s most significant accomplishment was legislation she sponsored calling for higher standards in the industry. This bill establishes standards for hemp growers and CBD manufacturers and retailers in NY and should serve as a model for the country. This bill was signed into law by our Governor last December with implementation to begin in 2021.

We enthusiastically support Jen Metzger’s reelection bid on November 3.

Tricia Horst and Rick Weissman
Founders of  High Falls Hemp NY
High Falls, NY

Martucci ‘short on substance’

The debate between Jen Metzger and Mike Martucci was civil but revealing. Martucci criticized Democratic positions and blamed Metzger for being part of them. He criticized Metzger’s farm bill, not by discussing any faults, but by citing a few dissatisfied people, implying that no one likes the bill. Martucci was short on substance throughout the debate.

In contrast, Metzger mentioned some of her large number of bills, many of which had bipartisan support. As a freshman Senator, she established herself as hardworking and responsive to the needs of all her constituents. She has a fine grasp of problems and solutions. She is also someone to go to with a problem because she listens, remembers and tries to find solutions. Martucci is a well-funded party man. His campaign is very well advertised and his signs are everywhere. You would wonder why anyone would want to replace Sen. Jen Metzger.

A vote for Metzger is a very good vote.

Harold Chorny
Gardiner, NY

Jen Metzger represents all

I can’t say enough about my respect and admiration for Jen Metzger. As our State Senator, she has advocated tirelessly for all of us—Democrats, Republicans, Independents, veterans, farmers—everyone in her district. She is the voice of all, including the environment. Jen plays no favorites. And to talk about “boots on the ground,” whether it’s heralding a new park in Callicoon, a Kauneonga Lake Block Party, an event at the Evergreen Housing Community Garden in Monticello or a Tractor Parade, you will find her there, talking with, and attentively listening to, her constituents.

Jen Metzger certainly has my vote, and hopefully yours. As our State Senator, assuredly she will continue to be voting in Albany with all of our interests in mind.

Michael Chojnicki
Bethel, NY

‘The best choices [are] obvious’

Let’s not forget the important local voting choices we will make on Election Day. I’m talking about our Representative in Congress and our State Senator. We must ask ourselves, “Who took the time to visit, to meet with constituents, to listen and to follow up?” Your answer will make the best choices obvious. This is why I will be voting for Antonio Delgado and Jen Metzger. They always show up, but not once did I see their opponents.

Andrew Boyar
Eldred, NY

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