Let’s be honest

Posted 10/27/22

As New York’s early voting period and Election Day rapidly approach, I ask that you do two things. Vote, and be honest with yourself.

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Let’s be honest


As New York’s early voting period and Election Day rapidly approach, I ask that you do two things. Vote, and be honest with yourself. 

While every election is important, I believe this year, November 8, 2022, may be the most important election of our lifetimes! If you agree, please encourage all of your family and friends to exercise what just may be the greatest Constitutional right bestowed on all American citizens—the right to vote.

However, before you cast your ballot, you must be honest with yourself. It’s no secret that most voters make their choice of who to vote for based exclusively on party affiliation, rather than which candidate will be the best representative for his or her constituents. 

Be honest with yourself. The Democratic Party has had a one-party majority rule in New York for four years now, ever since the Republicans lost control of the Senate. 

Be honest with yourself. Do you think you and your family are better or worse off now than you were before the Democrats gained complete control of the State Legislature? 

Be honest with yourself. Corruption in our state government has been rampant. The disgraced Democratic governor and the former lieutenant governor, who was appointed by Kathy Hochul, have both resigned amidst their own separate scandals. 

Be honest with yourself. The Democrat’s so-called criminal justice reform, that brought about the extremely dangerous “cashless bail” system, has allowed repeat violent offenders back on the streets within hours, only to commit more violent crimes. 

One such act of preventable deadly violence was the suspected arsonist who has been charged with setting the fire where a beloved young volunteer fire chief, Billy Steinberg, tragically died in the line of duty. 

Be honest with yourself. New York continues to lose residents and businesses to other states, due to ridiculous spending and terrible policies put in place by the Democratic majority. Before being bailed out by Federal relief funds of nearly $13 billion, New York’s deficit was a staggering $14 billion! Despite unsustainable reckless spending year after year, Hochul and the Democrats agreed to “give” $800 million to Hochul’s hometown Buffalo Bills to build a new football stadium! 

Be honest with yourself. New York has the highest taxes in the nation, out-of-control spending, surging crime, cashless bail and mandates that will dictate how you are allowed to heat your home and business. Starting in 2035 in New York you will no longer be able to purchase anything powered by gasoline. No cars, pickup trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, lawnmowers, ATVs, UTVs, chainsaws, string trimmers, etc. Soon after that, there will be no more diesel-powered vehicles sold in New York, no light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, farm or construction equipment. The sales tax revenue that will be lost from these sales no longer allowed in New York will be staggering, and will now go to neighboring states!

New York has lost thousands of farms and businesses, and it has only gotten worse while the Democrats have held the majority. Be honest with yourself. 

You are not required to vote for anyone based solely on his or her party. Be honest with yourself. Vote your conscience. Consider the future of your children and your grandchildren. Be honest with yourself. 

The Democratic one-party majority rule has failed all of us miserably.

The Republican, Conservative candidates support all law enforcement, and will push to repeal dangerous bail reform laws, while considering common-sense criminal justice reform, where criminals are held accountable and victims of crime will get the justice they deserve.

The Republican, Conservative candidates will institute fiscally responsible policies and eliminate all wasteful spending, including stopping payment on the $800 million check to the Buffalo Bills!

The Republican, Conservative candidates will fight to ensure that the responsibility of raising our children will be that of the parents, not the government! They will hold the state’s Department of Education accountable for the below-average performance levels of our students despite the fact that New York spends far more money per pupil than any other state!

Be honest with yourself.

Save our state, vote November 8!

Thomas R. Bose is the chairman of the Town of Callicoon Republican Committee.

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