Letters to the editor

'Into the light'

Posted 2/12/20

Letters to the editor February 13 to 19

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Letters to the editor

'Into the light'


Into the light

In 2007, an African-American friend of mine told me he was voting for Hilary in the Democratic primary because the country would never elect a Black president. Thus, my friend resigned himself to “settling” for Hilary. That false notion was repeated during his re-election; a Black man “mistakenly” elected for president could never be re-elected. Yet again, in 2016, a repeated mantra was that Trump could never be president—it just could not happen.

Now the pundits claim that neither a socialist nor a gay man could possibly be elected president. Actually, history clearly demonstrates that the certainty of such claims should be doubted. A major lesson from Obama’s candidacy was that appeals to hope and a brighter future for all Americans could trump the hate and fear of the other party. In 2016, Trump proved that the message of hate and fear combined with TV celebrity can also win.

Bernie, the socialist, wants to establish a national health program for 21st-century America—hardly a criminal act. There is undoubtedly great strength in the universalist “fair deal” that Bernie is calling for: his message of improving the lives of poor and middle-class Americans.

Mayor Pete, a gay man, is a combat veteran and an intelligent and savvy human being who undoubtedly would never consider repeatedly dodging military service by faking bone spurs. Mayor Pete embodies the notion of an America that can recognize and reward talent, service and determination regardless of personal sexual preferences.

Either of these candidates (and others) are eminently qualified to lead our country away from its current regime of criminal darkness and hate. It’s all up to we the people. Get out and vote for the light.

John Pace
Honesdale, PA


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