The Art of Being

House Bound


We are all house bound, families, friends, pets.  All day and every day.  We like each other, but after a while it’s too much. 

We need to think about how we can balance this enforced proximity so that we remain balanced and kind as we stay together.  For most of us, we have not spent so much time with our others.  There have been trips to the store, hours at work, appointments to keep.  Now all that is gone and we are bumping into each other 24/7.  A sure recipe for depression, raised tempers, irritability, and loss of that loving feeling.

So let’s look at options for creating some distance.  Perhaps there is a space that was always yours.  Now you are sharing it with a teenager, two cats, and a pushy husband.  The bathroom is a great place to seek refuge.  Without inconveniencing others, it’s okay to soak in the tub, luxuriate in the shower, or just sit on the potty and enjoy the quiet. 

Chores that may have been parceled out now are being over-taken or ignored.  Things just feel chaotic.  Perhaps a list of chores with assignments.  These could rotate or be steady over the months to come.  Whatever makes it most calm for the group.  Perhaps chore time could be limited to specific times in the day.  This is a good time to ramp up the music and dance and sing your way through the tasks.  I’m partial to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s hits on Pandora.  But that’s my age.

Take a walk in the countryside, keeping respectful distances.  Spring is so ripe right now it brings its own inspiration as we immerse ourselves in its smells, sounds, and sights.  As the evenings warm, build a bond fire, light up the barbeque.  Embrace and breathe in the beauty and serenity of nature. 

I find myself reaching out to relationships I let slide.  Enjoying the new connections in our shared challenges.  There is a kindness among us as we acknowledged our shared vulnerabilities.  This kindness is precious.  I try to keep my mind open to this new softness among people.

This is a great time for reflection.  Shared reflection keeps us from getting too caught up in the negative.  We have so much to be grateful for.  At this time I am more aware of how fragile our infrastructure is.  I marvel at the hot water for my morning shower.  I’m amazed that the electricity flows seamlessly.  What wondrous things.

Most importantly, I have time for myself.  I have more time to practice my meditation.  My goal is to become more established in my own inner peace. 

So yes, we have new limitations.  But we also have new opportunities.  Enjoy and treasure these moments.  The world will start spinning again.

Let’s exit this hiatus feeling inspired by our choices.


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