Hancock is the “gateway to the Upper Delaware,” where the east and west branches of the river come together. It’s also the end of our journey.

On your own travels, stop by and see what’s going on with Friends of the Upper Delaware River (FUDR). The group is a non-profit, community-based organization whose mission is to enhance, protect and revitalize the river economy of the region.

Daniel Plummer used to split his time between NYC and his cabin on the East Branch of the river before becoming a full-time resident 30 years ago. “It’s the outdoors. We hike, we fish. And Hancock is all about fish,” he said. “This is all a wild trout fishery, and people come from all over the world to fish here. NYC came in during the ‘60s, built the dams—they get about 60% of their drinking water from our reservoirs. In the process they created, accidentally, this amazing wild trout fishery. The water comes out of the base of the dams, so 300 feet down, the water is really cold. It’s the same temperature all year round, making Hancock one of the best places for fly-fishing. That’s why I ended up staying here and started to take up the cause—for the fishery. It’s too important.”

Learn more about FUDR at www.fudr.org.


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