Global warming is not coming, it's already here

Posted 8/25/22


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Global warming is not coming, it's already here


Global warming is here, you can bet your last dollar on that. 

What I'm going to tell you is a proven fact. 

The waters of the world are rising at an alarming rate. 

This is something that we can't negate. 

The icecaps are melting 'til they all will be gone. 

That will cause catastrophic harm.

All the waters of the world will rise to unimaginable heights.

It will be hard to survive this blight. 

The glaciers are disappearing, that is a shame. 

Glacier National Park in Montana will have to change its name.

(There are only three glaciers left out of eleven it had in the park.)

So as the story goes, carbon dioxide is the culprit.

We will have to learn to live without it. 

It's a battle we have to win, the stakes are too high. 

There is a saying, "Beware the ides of March."

I say "Beware of the tides that are marching!"

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