in my humble opinion

Crazy as a June bug

Posted 6/5/24

Since I had no idea where that expression originates, I “let my fingers do the walking,” as the old Yellow Pages (look it up!) used to advise way, way back in the day. One source I found …

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in my humble opinion

Crazy as a June bug


Since I had no idea where that expression originates, I “let my fingers do the walking,” as the old Yellow Pages (look it up!) used to advise way, way back in the day. One source I found via the Google claims that the term “June bug” refers to someone born in June, which seems (IMHO) somewhat pedestrian. 

In a perfunctory attempt at internet research, I stumbled upon a “woo-woo” site called Trippy Spirit (dot com), which declares that “the June bug symbolizes transformation and growth”—but I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout that. 

A third uncredited source revealed that southerners are fond of saying “like a duck on a June bug,” which apparently is akin to “white on rice.” But a more pertinent fourth click reminded me that little kids used to tie strings to the legs of June bugs and watch them fly in circles, which would make anyone crazy, so I’m going with that. 

Here we are, one week into the month and I’m a little crazy, which is kinda like “I’m a little teapot,” but different. 

In the past few days alone, I’ve been out to the Forestburgh Playhouse (FBP), which opens its tavern doors each spring prior to the main stage season. There I caught the local-boys-make-good band Somerville doing their finer-than-fine southern-rock thang. Not only was the place packed and the event sold out, but I was as crazy as a June bug, working the room like my leg was tied to a string.

A quick glance at the FBP calendar informs me that there’s plenty more where that came from, and with another local legend—Slam Allen—slated for June 7, well… I’d hurry, if I were you.

Still high on life from a night out on the town with Somerville and friends, That Dog Named Gidget and I popped over to Kauneonga Lake. We’d heard that the Bethel Council of the Arts (BCA) had also opened its doors for the season with “Halsey Four Corners: The Long Goodbye,” an artistic celebration of what so many of us called the old Toll House on 17B, which is going, going, gone. Judith Maidenbaum was on hand to give us a grand tour of the place, which is loaded with paintings, sculptures, jewelry and so much more, in a beautiful location overlooking the lake, shimmering in all its glory. Stop in—you’ll be glad you did.

Although Dharma the Wonder Dog was more than familiar with the Pine Bush UFO Fair, Gidge had never been, so for that reason alone (uh huh) we jumped in our star cruiser and zoomed off in search of all things E.T. last Saturday. It was as always, (they make me say it) “out of this world.” 

Now in its 13th year, the fair is composed of three days chock-full of lectures and events like drum circles, an Alien Hoedown and a Space Prom. Main Street was closed to vehicular traffic on Saturday, as the Town of Crawford welcomed visitors from the Milky Way and beyond for “the only street fair event where YOU can be a part of the show.” 

Folks were encouraged to attend in costume and take part in the Alien Runway Stroll, marching, gliding or slithering through streets lined with vendors offering space-themed epicurean delights, tours of the Pine Bush UFO and Paranormal Museum, a Best in Galaxy Pageant and more.

There were plenty of dogs for mine to sniff from the cool confines of her stroller (don’t judge!) but one cosmic canine named Ezra caught her eye and she’s still smitten days later. Gidget gave him her card and is hoping he’ll call—but since he’s from Venus, I told her to not hold her breath. Talk about long-distance relationships. 

We ran into WJFF’s Sabrina Artel (“Trailer Talk”) doing what she does best: interviewing humans, aliens and an unknown species or two about how and why they had landed in Pine Bush for the day. Sabrina attempted to interview that dog named Ezra, and although he wagged his multi-colored tail, he only had eyes for you-know-who. 

I tagged along with Artel for a few hours and snapped pics as we sampled some fair food (the New Confectioner’s vegan ice cream was a-may-zing), and ducked into the museum to check it out and beat the heat. I can’t imagine what it must be like to wear Storm Trooper regalia under the blazing sun, but the cosplayers were out in full force, providing even more entertainment for fair-goers.  

As the mercury rose, my dog’s whining increased exponentially, making me crazy like a June bug, so I bid Sabrina farewell, tossed Gidget in the truck and we made our way home to Camp Fox and a well-deserved nap. Next up: fireflies blinking and the buzzing of cicadas. Who could ask for anything more?

Fun Fact: June bugs are beetles of the genus Phyllophaga. Say that three times fast. I can’t even say it once.

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