Candidates for Bethel, NY

Posted 10/27/21


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Daniel Sturm

"Since 2008, when I first took over as supervisor, the town has been fiscally prudent and responsible.

We have always been under the state’s …

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Candidates for Bethel, NY



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"Since 2008, when I first took over as supervisor, the town has been fiscally prudent and responsible.

We have always been under the state’s mandated two percent tax cap, and under my administration that will continue again in 2022.

We also managed to update our highway fleet of vehicles over the years, and now have a permit to mine sand, which will save taxpayers over $2 million over the next 20 years.

We have been awarded well over $150,000 in grant money from New York State, which does not have to be paid back. All these funds were used for necessary town pool repairs, improvements to the senior center and Justice Court buildings, and a new salt shed for our highway department needs. We also continue to create opportunities for health and recreation.

We have also conducted energy audits in all town buildings, made the recommended improvements, and this has led us to vast savings in energy costs each year. We have completed the town streetlight conversion to LEDs in 2021 and are breaking ground on a solar project which will save the town and our residents over 10 percent on electric bills.

During my tenure, I have continued to improve the image of Bethel as a place to live and to do business. We are a growing tourist destination and a welcoming place to do business. We have had more ribbon cuttings in the last 15 years than the last 30 years combined.

I work hard every day to serve the residents of Bethel and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as supervisor. We are moving in the right direction with a positive future. I have the needed experience, leadership and vision required for the job.

Please help me to continue this path of progress in Bethel. Re-elect Daniel Sturm for another term on November 2. I am also proudly endorsed again by the Democratic and Conservative parties."



The River Reporter has not yet received a statement from this candidate.

Town Council

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The River Reporter has not yet received a statement from this candidate.



"My name is Dawn Ryder and I’m running for re-election for Bethel Councilperson.I have served for the last eight years with my primary goal being to represent the people of the town and keeping our taxes low.

I am endorsed by the Democratic and Straight Forward Party lines. I have demonstrated my leadership skills and commitment and will continue to do so if re-elected. I am an energetic, determined, truthful and straightforward individual. I stand behind open and transparent government.

I have actively participated on several committees in the town. I led a group of volunteers to get the Bethel Visitors Guide created and published. This visitors guide has been published twice to promote our beautiful town and everything we offer in Bethel. I have also volunteered my time and efforts for many years to the Bethel Business Association and helped with the creation of the famous annual Bethel Business Guide. These guides are found in the visitors centers on the NYS Thruway through a distribution program in the town.

Outside of the town, I am involved in several county organizations. I am the president of the Literacy Volunteers of Sullivan County board. I am also a current longtime board member for the Federation for the Homeless and a graduate of the Sullivan County Leadership program. I possess the much-needed experience, leadership and vision for Bethel’s future.

Over my past eight years, we have successfully changed our zoning/building codes and our community while maintaining control of our budget. We have received many grants for community spaces, including parklands and playground/outdoor exercise equipment.

I will continue to look for ways to save money for our town while promoting the area. I will also work hard to get high-speed internet available for all residents.

I look forward to continuing as a Bethel Councilperson and would appreciate your vote on November 2."



"My name is Lisa Schick and I am running for Bethel Town Council. I believe that Bethel’s town council needs  change, bipartisanship and fresh insight into the: (1) concerns of Bethel’s residents, farmers, and business owners; (2) more government transparency and accountability; and (3) councilmembers who listen to residents. I believe to effectively represent the interests of a town and its constituents a town council should consist of people from different backgrounds and life experiences.

I seek election to the Bethel Town Council because I am certain my experience and fresh perspective will be of value to the town council. I am competent and have the work experience to deal with the business, environmental, and social issues that are part of a modern and growing Bethel. I will utilize my management and financial experience to help with residents’ concerns with high property taxes, infrastructure breakdowns due to community growth, the rising cost of inflation and any other issues that may arise.

My education includes two associate degrees and a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting.  For the past 24 years, I have assisted with managing a local governmental office, maintaining all financial records, work with municipalities, agricultural districts, and residents of Sullivan County. For the past 30 years I have been the co-owner of L&M Greenhouses in Bethel, where I manage the day-to-day business operations, finances; and interact with the public every day.

I ask for your vote on November 2."



The River Reporter has not yet received a statement from this candidate.

Tax Collector

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The River Reporter has not yet received a statement from this candidate.



"I am Susan Brown Otto and I am running for re-election to the position of Town of Bethel tax collector. During my first term, I learned a lot about the Town of Bethel tax collector’s position and if re-elected, would work to improve the payment collection process for you.

My goal for 2022 is to implement the E-CHECK payment option. The E-CHECK payment option will facilitate the payment of taxes for those people who in the past have paid their taxes by submitting handwritten checks. The E-CHECK tax payment option is secure and easy to use. No longer will there be a need to mail the tax bill payment to the Town of Bethel using the U.S. Post Office. Instead, taxpayers can choose to go online to make their payments.

Administering the collection of taxes requires financial expertise and business skills, both attributes I possess. I am a certified public accountant (CPA) who has over 40 years of professional accounting experience.

I have been the treasurer of the White Lake Fire District since 2018, and have served as a member of the Town of Bethel planning board for more than 16 years. I am also a Sullivan Renaissance beautification volunteer.

The Town of Bethel is my home, and it has been my family’s home for more than 140 years. I was raised in western Bethel on the Brown family dairy farm. I ask you to vote for me on Election Day, November 2. Thank you."

Other positions

The River Reporter has not yet received any statements from the candidates for Town Clerk, Town Justice, or Superintendent of Highways; all candidates for those positions are running unopposed.

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