'And the country will collapse' and more

Letters to the editor July 30 to August 5

Posted 7/29/20

Letters to the editor July 30 to August 5

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'And the country will collapse' and more

Letters to the editor July 30 to August 5



Pictured above

Mixed media from local mixed-media artist Erica Hart who has had careers as an art teacher and commercial artist.

The beauty of the natural world of the Upper Delaware River region always restores my spirit, especially in these turbulent times. Seeing an eagle, observing nature at different times of the day, and feeling a connection with the landscape help me stay grounded and hopeful.

Erica Hart
Hankins, NY

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‘And the country will collapse’

The U.S. Senate seems to be big on bailing out a few large corporations, but if it doesn’t help the majority of Americans, there will be no workers to sustain those companies and the country will collapse. If it doesn’t support education, there will be no future workers to sustain those companies and the country will collapse. If it doesn’t fund health care and coronavirus protections, there will be no workers to sustain those companies and the country will collapse. If it doesn’t help the majority of Americans there will be no consumers of products and the country will collapse. If it doesn’t support small businesses and farmers, then small towns across America will disappear and the country will collapse.

Get the picture? We need help now. The Senate needs to vote on the bills that have already passed in sthe House (like the Heroes Act) or the country will collapse and the senators will be out of a job like the 36 million Americans who sustain this country. Call your senator today!

Joan Russo
Hawley, PA

No sale of Liberty adult care and rehabilitation center

I spoke at the public hearing on July 16 as a member of the Senior Legislative Action Committee of Sullivan County and as a retired employee from the Sullivan County Office for the Aging.

The precipitous sale of the Liberty adult care and rehabilitation center must be immediately stopped. It is unbelievable that this same underhanded, money-grabbing scam that Orange County tried to pull with Valley View nursing home in 2017, and that Josh Potosek was peddling back in 2013, is once again poised to be rammed through in another of Chairman Doherty’s star chamber government offensives. In 2017, Orange County Legislators tried the same bullying tactics against Valley View Nursing Care and Rehabilitation Center, falsely claiming the facility was fatally, financially crippling to Orange County taxpayers. This was revealed as the lie that it was after a Grand Jury investigation found that Valley View’s finances were being criminally mishandled and a new competent administrator/manager was put in charge. Since that 2017 decision, Valley View showed a $6.7 million profit, with higher returns continuing to accrue with the passing years. Recognizing the proposed Liberty care center sale for the money-grubbing scam that it is, Sullivan County Legislators need to take a page from the Nancy Reagan playbook of political policy and just say no to this sale. Time to bury this bad idea once and for all.

Star D. Hesse
Narrowsburg, NY

Say no to Frontier Airlines

I had reservations in March to see my grandchildren.  Due to the virus, they were canceled.

I tried calling Frontier every day for two weeks and was told the time expired to use the credit of $150.80. I was also disconnected constantly.

I am 74 years old and want to see them.

Please tell everyone do not use Frontier Airlines. I think they are using the money for their advantage and robbing the people.

Cecilia Pfeiffer
Ocala, FL

Cancer screening during a pandemic

Screening for cancers using evidence-based screening tests saves lives. Screenings are available for breast, cervical, colon and lung cancers. In the first half of 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many routine screenings could not be completed in a timely fashion. According to the National Cancer Institute, this could account for thousands of missed cancer cases and cancers diagnosed at a later stage, affecting overall mortality from these cancers for years. If you have missed a routine screening or think you are due, please contact your primary care practitioner about assessing your risk for these cancers and discussing screening options. For example, some tests can be done at home for colon cancer screening and may be an option for patients. Also, many screening sites are open with procedures in place to protect patients from the spread of this virus. Remember to wash your hands or use sanitizer, wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth and maintain social distancing to help reduce the spread of the virus. If you need assistance with getting screened, please contact the Community Based Cancer Screening Navigation Program at the Northeast Regional Cancer Institute at 570/941-7984.

Karen Ryczak, RN
Northeast Regional Cancer Institute, Scranton, PA


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