'A healthier Cochecton?' and more

Letters to the editor April 29 to May 5

Posted 4/28/21

Letters to the editor April 29 to May 5

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'A healthier Cochecton?' and more

Letters to the editor April 29 to May 5


A healthier Cochecton?

In 1999, the Town of Cochecton was offered and accepted two three-acre parcels located on Nearing Road from a Mr. Leeds with the intention of using to benefit the town. Originally, it was considered as a location for a new town hall. But after closer inspection, the consensus was that the property would be expensive to build on for that purpose. Over the years, discussions took place about selling the property. It was always determined that the board should hold onto it for future community use.

Once again, the idea of selling the property is before the board pending a vote. I would like to make note that, sadly, Sullivan County again is listed next to last on the health-rated list of counties in New York State. And since there is an increased interest in hiking by the general public, I suggest that the six acres of property be looked at for the development of a walking trail open to the public. It would not be difficult to create a winding woodland trail with a few parking spaces at the top of the property and signage. The trail could wind back and forth through the wooded lots with benches periodically for resting and enjoying the experience. The trail could be designated by spreading woodchips. There could be informational plaques along the trail. Bird lovers can certainly experience the fun of identifying and hearing some of the many bird species that inhabit our area.

I’m quite sure the town could enlist the help of volunteers to clear and designate a walking trail. Perhaps our youth group could help in some way.

The health benefits for our residents and visitors could be substantial.

If you think this is a project worth pursuing, please contact the town board before they make a decision and the property is lost forever.

Larry H. Richardson
Cochecton, NY

Clarifying about Bon Secours

Regarding your article in the River Reporter of April 1, I wish to clarify some specifics:

  1. Bon Secours does not always handle certan patients with certain health issues. They usually direct them to Orange Regional Hospital. 2. I have twice suggested that they implement an urgent care facility, which they do not have. You have to go through emergency status which is more expensive and not always necessary. 3. In one of my last visits to them, they billed me without going through Medicare first. I would not pay until they remedied it.

The doctors and nurses were great, and that made all the difference.

John E. Crandall
Port Jervis, NY

Open Letter to the Sullivan County Legislature: another last-minute, junta-inspired legislative flimflam

Once again, Sullivan County’s five-man legislative junta is attempting to force through odious and suspect legislation, blocking public input and participation by calling this last-minute, late-in-the-day, end-of-the-work-week meeting, where it has already been announced that no public comment will be allowed, and possibly public access to this meeting will be barred as well. These premeditated efforts to cut the public out of any say in how their government operates have continued to escalate exponentially since the majority junta took over county government. Even with his tame appointed county attorney in attendance, chairman Doherty was unable to enforce his outrageous attempt to limit the duration and topics of public comment.

But as seen today, Doherty and his cronies have once again packed the agenda with odious resolutions on hotly contested and highly questionable resolutions, dealing with areas that have been openly opposed by a stalwart group of watchdog activists, executing agreement with the takeover of the Care Center at Sunset Lake, setting of public hearing dates, adopting a nebulous County Code of Conduct, and amending the rules to provide censure, among other things. And why do we need a temporary county attorney position?

The only explanation for these “anti-open” meetings restrictions is to try to push through questionable resolutions that might cause an uproar of disapproval if public attendance and participation are allowed. The right of the people to express their opinions and have input in their government cannot be infringed upon. It is the duty of this legislature to ensure they uphold the will of their constituents, not the self-serving ends of some backroom wheeler-dealers. Come on people, time to stop the political machinations and do what you were elected to do, listen and vote your constituents’ wishes. Do your duty!

Star D. Hesse
Narrowsburg, NY


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