21 Ways to prepare your home for winter


  1. Have the boiler and chimney cleaned.
  2. Check that fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms work.
  3. Order wood or pellets for your fireplace.
  4. Make sure your fuel tanks are free of water and filled.
  5. Have your generator checked, and make sure you have enough fuel.
  6. Examine the house and garage foundations for cracks.
  7. Inspect the supports, railings and steps of your porch or deck.
  8. Check your roof for loose or missing shingles.
  9. Seal up draft areas, especially attic and basement doors
  10. Clean gutters and downspouts; replace if necessary.
  11. Make sure drainage ditches aren’t clogged.
  12. Replace old storm doors.
  13. Place an emergency kit in your car, with blanket, flashlight, batteries,
  14. roadside flairs, water, power bars and first-aid kit
  15. Protect your lawn with driveway markers.
  16. Have dangerous tree limbs removed.
  17. Bring out snow shovels and place them where needed.
  18. Check to see if your snow blower is in working order.
  19. Stock up on a pet-safe, non-toxic de-icing salt.
  20. Shut off and drain outside hose bibs and bring hoses inside.
  21. Put down winter mulch.
  22. Stock up on bird seed.


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