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It’s obvious that this pandemic has rearranged the world. None of us saw it coming, but the immediate weight of our survival has shifted onto one group in particular: those employed at your …
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On the first Earth Day 50 years ago, citizens of all ages and political persuasions came together to make the case for protecting the air, water and other species. Virtually no one had even heard of …
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Letters to the editor
'Existing while Black' and more

Letters to the editor June 4 to 10

Progressive Women of NEPA endorsements and more

Letters to the editor May 28 to June 3

my view
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Recently while working my garden near the Beaver Kill River in Cooks Falls, a passing black pickup slowed and stopped in front of where I was working. The darkened passenger window rolled down slowly …
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For the first time in my 13 years on the Sullivan West School Board, I felt compelled to vote in opposition to the resolution adopting the 2020-21 school budget. In the past, there were individual …
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The race to destroy ourselves

Who will win the race to destroy mankind and the other creatures of the Earth? The nuclear powers or the populous countries that waited too long to confront the coronavirus? Nuclear weapons had a …

An American strawberry patch

Publisher’s Log: May 30, 2020 We have launched our first monthly conversation experiment. With the editorial “Moving the conversation forward” we proposed and tossed out the …

Musings on a Monday morning

Publisher’s Log: April 20, 2020 It’s a funny phenomenon. The pace of the day has increased. There is much to do. My day is over in a flash and when I think back that last Sunday was …