Don’t defend the indefensible

Let’s cut to the chase: Donald J. Trump is a racist. Those who ignore and defend his outrageous racist statements are living in La La Land. From the day he announced his candidacy, he proclaimed his disdain for Mexicans, whom he described as “rapists, murderers—and some are good people.” That was just the tip of the iceberg. From that day forward, we have seen a continual barrage of racist references that have demeaned Muslims, blacks, women and Native American Indians and uplifted white supremacists as “good people.” His mantra should be “Make America White Again.” When are you going to wake up, Donald, and realize America is a melting pot?

Trump's approval rating is 39%, a historic low, and can only go lower based on his rhetoric and daily tweets. We truly are a divided country. Let’s not fool ourselves, it has always been this way; it just took an outspoken racist to stir the pot and give license to those with a similar ideology. I lived through the civil unrest of the ‘60s and thought we had learned some hard lessons, but I guess I was way off the mark. Here we go again, but now with the President’s blessing.

I’m saddened to watch law enforcement gun down blacks in our streets and then get exonerated. Shooting a black in the back six times as they are running away in fear is inexcusable. It’s also horrible to see Native Americans peacefully protesting a gas pipeline that could destroy their water source attacked by dogs and pepper spray. Again, the gas company got away with its actions without being charged with assault or inhumane treatment.

When Donald Trump boasts of his superior intellect and business skills, I wonder whom he is trying to convince—us or himself? As musician Bob Marley once said “The greatness of a man is not how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” This is the meanest and most destructive President I have ever witnessed. I will be very happy when he’s gone.

John Hahn
Shohola, PA


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