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My fingers dig deep.The moist earth yields.Once separate, now united.We are one. more
It would be nice to say that I began gardening as a little girl, pushing sunflower seeds into the dirt under the tutelage of a sun-weathered grandmother who’d been practicing the garden arts … more
April opens my tight-fisted heartand rattles away all bias and judgment against the winter I fought yet needed so perfectly. Today the heavy blanket I stitched feverishly with chaotic weave in … more
Admit, first, that you weren’t in the crosswalk, that you didn’t see the car coming and that while you’re up in the air time really does slow down, so before you return to earth, … more
Basso continuoof the River below, percussion brushes of windthrough trees, measuresof soprano bird calls —my footsteps keptpianissimo so I may play inthis world-class … more
Our sweet autumn clematis covets every orifice of the wire-meshed gazebo. Nimble and with abandon, it breaches what it can until it reaches its optimum, the man-made apex, and lazes in the … more
The regal Delaware When I was youngmoves smoothly, effortlessly, I used to sit at the water’s edgegoing with the flow with pail and shovel arising from within, and a rounded sand sifter of … more
In the sun and the sprayI show you my dash,Sails furled, flapping,Arms stretching to grab the sky. But of the rest of me,That which slices the water, Buoys me up and moves me alongBy some … more
Drunk on grass, the dog rolls in clippings,kicks them up—fall back to her belly. * As if submerged in water,insects’ dusk-buzz all around. Beyond that, aimless propeller. The … more
the wind rustles across the bow of the woodsa delicate pas de deux of barenboim and dupres inhaling comfort in simple things a white birch treeregal swan of these woods the radiant snapdragons … more
Just as gray but prone to sleepas his cousin schemes, he liesunder brush as you tread by, startled to his feet only then,and with a glance, trots awaythrough dead leaves, as pages ofa legend in which … more
First the smell of fireNot fire—smoke—The smell of smoke slidesDown the mountainsideOn the back of the wind No one seems to noticeNot the priest and his wifeNot the two retired Greek … more
People on Earthwatch me growand reactassliverbysliverI add to my act.I bleach the starswhen I am fulland give the tidesan extra pull.A golden marblehung in the sky,I lamplight Earthwhile I slide … more
The poem at the beginning of the worldconvulsed into being, raw letters and gruntsthat passed for a song. Who was listeningin that lonesome now, before words werefull and formed? Some say it was an … more
I am that flock of blackbirds, startledtaking flightin a synchronous wavethe blast of air carrying me,getting up under my wingsbut I’m not afraid of speedor a sudden change in directionbecause … more
In the northeast it takes the first pounding rain andsiren winds to bring downgarnet lemon leaves Powerful gusts of troublethat come late into life, testing resources and talents The indefinite … more
You must conjure up wind as you do languageno wind, no kite flying you must inspire the wind to pour over the lakeslam into the yard until the kite sails with its own ambition its love for … more
One evening during my mother’s last stay at the hospital, after we told her good night, my aunt and I walked uptown. On our way, we encountered a man standing outside an ethnic deli. He held … more
Meet me on Old Mine Road near Bevans Church and I will tell you about that snowy February day on the gravel trail near Van Campen’s Inn, air, ice fresh, rock-strewn fields like whipped cream … more
Two pairs of wrinkled hands and eighty-eight smooth keys,some black, some white: so simple. Two pairs of hands, one hundred and sixty-two years combined between them,like cords of thick rope … more
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Currently viewing stories posted within the past 2 years.
For all older stories, please use our advanced search.